It’s Never Just Dinner – The Vegas Edition

It started off innocently enough and that, in and of itself, should’ve set all the warning bells off in apoplectic fashion. You see, with my friends, it’s never Ever EVER “just dinner” or “just hang out for an hour”. Never. That’s usually code for “we’re going balls out and if we go down, we do … Continue reading

Top 10 Party Buzzkills

Half the fun for females when we’re ready to tear the town up on Girl’s Night Out is getting ready. The process of finding the perfect Little Black Dress, putting on our makeup (known as “War Paint” to you boys) and giggling all the while is a bonding ritual unique to those who possess two … Continue reading

Trick Or Treat!

It’s about that time of year when the weather turns colder, the air a little crispier, pumpkin flavored things are taking over menus by storm…and girls are breaking out the costumes for Halloween.  Calling it a “costume” is kind of like saying a MacDonald’s cheeseburger is made of the best Kobe beef there is. In … Continue reading


Most people think of Frank Sinatra when they hear the words “Las Vegas”.  The lyrics to “Luck Be A Lady” floats through my head….after this song has finished thrashing around in my mind.  This song’s almost like a checklist to what most people consider necessities in Vegas. Drugs. :: Yeah…I don’t do drugs unless they … Continue reading

October 26, 2009. The Day The Blobbies Died

Dear GeoCities, I found out yesterday that you are going to the great URL in the InterWeb sky. The news hit me rather hard because you were such a huge part of my late teens and super early 20’s. I remember when the Internet first really burst into my every day life. Back then, internet … Continue reading

A Little Help From Guns N Roses

I love Guns N Roses.  When I was in grade school / junior high, my friends were busy obsessing over New Kids On The Block but I was covering my walls with posters of Megadeath, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith No More, Metallica and Guns N Roses.  I loved Axl so much, I somehow figured out a … Continue reading

Stimulating The Economy

So there’s this recession thing going on. Not happy for most. I, thankfully, am employed. Amazing what the letters RN after your name can do. In case you don’t know what RN means, it means : Registered Nerd. Just kidding. It means Registered Nurse. This totally means I’m busy being a superhero and saving lives … Continue reading

The Wonders Of Technology! Oh, Will The Wonders Never Cease?

Holy crap, I can blog now from my phone. This is fantastic! Wow, this is actually kind of mind boggling. Oh, the possibilities! 😀 Can you tell this is a total test post? ^^ Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

:: This intro is taken from the first piece I ever wrote for YouBentMyWookie . I love this intro so much, I’m using it here. Oh yeah! I recycle because I’m cool and because I can. 😀 :: My mom, being the awesome woman she is, taught me a few things that I apply to … Continue reading


Hello World!! Remember that assignment from CS class? God, that was a total nightmare but what a relief when I was done. To think all the hours I spent yanking my hair out, going cross eyed trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with my program and all the hours that I spent … Continue reading