Hello World!!

Remember that assignment from CS class? God, that was a total nightmare but what a relief when I was done. To think all the hours I spent yanking my hair out, going cross eyed trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with my program and all the hours that I spent in front of a computer screen (funny how that’s all I seem to do now. Oh, the irony…) and the only thing I ended up with was the multicolored phrase :

Hello World

Oh well. It could be worse, I suppose. It could’ve been something retarded like “Donkey Balls” or “I super Heart Pokemon” or whatever.

Now that I think about it, that’s actually not a bad thing to have as an end result of a program. Getting to tell the world “HELLO!!” in all the colors of the rainbow…not bad at all.

And that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve been around blog site hopping and I think I’m going to settle down here. I started out on diary-x (may you rest in peace…but why couldn’t you tell me you were about to die so that I could’ve gotten all my entries off your servers??!!) but since that way of the Interwebs graveyard, I don’t really count that anymore.

The next site I went to was a place I was on for many many years. I met some of the coolest people from there and for their privacy, I’m going to leave that site anonymous. Through there, I learned of my love of blogging and discovered I like to talk about a lot of crap that goes on through my head. How entertaining!

Next up was Blogger. Mmm….I liked it…I guess…but I think I like it here better. Who knows? I haven’t really written anything yet nor have I really gotten to play with this site as much. How fun! Just like a new toy! Shiny and fun!

Oh, wait. I should probably introduce myself, huh? Yeah, that would be smart. That’s the next post.

Until then…. HELLO WORLD!! My name is Bonnie N. Clyde aka MissBonnified and I’m here to play. ^^


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