October 26, 2009. The Day The Blobbies Died

Dear GeoCities,

I found out yesterday that you are going to the great URL in the InterWeb sky. The news hit me rather hard because you were such a huge part of my late teens and super early 20’s.

I remember when the Internet first really burst into my every day life. Back then, internet access wasn’t the invisible 3rd arm I now cannot imagine living without. Back in those early days, it was a novelty to be doing the only surfing I knew how to do. That horrific screeching of the dial modem didn’t remotely resemble two robotic cats getting their freak on. It actually sounded like music to my ears because it meant I was about to be connected. I used to forward all incoming phone calls to my pager (yeah, remember those things?) because I didn’t want to go postal on the person who unknowingly cut me off.

You were awesome in all your bare bones, down and dirty glory at the forefront of the Wild Wild Internet.

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