Most people think of Frank Sinatra when they hear the words “Las Vegas”.  The lyrics to “Luck Be A Lady” floats through my head….after this song has finished thrashing around in my mind.  This song’s almost like a checklist to what most people consider necessities in Vegas.


:: Yeah…I don’t do drugs unless they mean the ibuprofen I’m gonna need the day after. ::

Rock n roll.

:: w00t!  Gotta have killer music 24/7 ::

Bad ass Vegas wh*res.

:: Hm…yeah, again, this is something I don’t need despite all those people on the streets of Vegas pressing pamphlets of scantily clad women into my hands.

Have you seen these ads?  They guarantee girls Girls GIRLS straight to my door!  Just like pizza!  I have no need of this and I tell them I already have a room full of girls so I don’t need any more delivered but thank you.  😀 ::

Late night night booty calls.

:: Again, I have no need of this.  I don’t understand people who like having sex when they’re drunk.  I can understand slightly tipsy because that’s the very fine line were you’re just starting to let your freak flag fly.  But this line is a very very thin one because you can fall back to Wall Flower Land just as fast as you can do a face plant into Planet Of The Drunktards.

I don’t know about you but isn’t it hard enough to stand up straight without falling down when you’re blasted out of your skull?  That’s already a super human feat but to do the wild monkey dance when the whole room is spinning?  That just sounds like a recipe for disaster with a potential trip to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital.

Then again, I don’t get the whole concept of booty calls late night or otherwise.  I’m special.  😀 ::

Shiny disco balls.

:: I am such a sucker for anything shiny, glittery and sparkling.  I’m like one of those birds…what are they called again?  Magpie?  Whatever.  The birds that like shiny things .  That’s me.  ::

:: ^____^ ::

Got the day off from work so that means I kicked off my vacation last night after work.  However, I was supposed to be on call today but since they never called me to come in to work, that means I start now!!

I can’t wait.  A whole month off and I think I’ll be at home for only a few days.  Wait, how many days am I going to be here?  Let me see…I’ll be in California for 5 days and most of them are because I’m between flights to other destinations.

I.  Seriously.  Can’t.  Wait.  Did I mention this is Birthday Month?!  I’ll basically be going nuts all over the United States.

So far, the plans are :

– Tearing it up in VEGAAASSS for Halloween.  My costume better be here before I leave on Friday, man.

– Honolulu.  The original idea was to recover from the debauchery of Vegas here but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.

– Vegas Redux.  This is for my girl PharmCat and MMA who’s coming all the way from Hong Kong.

– New York City.  I’m bringing some of the West Siiiiide over to the East Coast.  Hoooly crap, I’m going to eat my way through the Big Apple Pie.  I can’t wait.

And now I have to do laundry because I don’t have much time between now till show time in Vegas.  I consider today and tomorrow the calm before Tropical Storm Funnery begins on Friday!!!!

I’m sooooo going to be screaming VIVA LAS VEGAAAAS in my head as I drive to the airport.


2 Responses to “Vacatiooooonnn!!!”
  1. Zontiago says:

    cool… see you in vegas…. 😉

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