Top 10 Party Buzzkills

Half the fun for females when we’re ready to tear the town up on Girl’s Night Out is getting ready. The process of finding the perfect Little Black Dress, putting on our makeup (known as “War Paint” to you boys) and giggling all the while is a bonding ritual unique to those who possess two X chromosomes, some citizens of West Hollywood (gotta love my Glitter Boys) and metrosexuals.

The other half? Filling each other in on what happened during Girl’s Night Out. Some things on this list are pet peeves, some are things that happened to your’s truly and some are nightmare stories friends have shared with me.

10. Being forced to stand in line because you have that one lonely guy friend who wants to come out with your girls because his friends don’t want to hang out or are doing things with their significant others.

9. Being forced to stand in line because of said Lonely Boy even though you and all your girls tried to flirt with the bouncer to let his ass in with your girlfriends. Bouncer Man was happy to let the females in up until he heard the deal breaker words “……and there’s this ooooooone guy with us….”

8. Sailing past the line full of Girls with Boys or groups of boys because you’re with only your girls only to find that the venue is filled with….other girls.

7. Getting hit on by guys who can’t, for the life of them, remember your name.

6. Getting hit on by the guy you watch hit on every female in the venue before he finally made it to you.

5. Getting hit on by an older man you later remember as being your dad’s friend and he used to babysit you.

4. Getting hit on by a younger man who proudly tells you he got in because he’s got a killer fake ID and would you like to see it.

3. Hearing your brother tell you that he was checking out a profile because there were two cute chicks in the picture…only to find out that you’re one of them.

2. Getting to know a nice man, thinking this has potential only to find out that the reason why you guys have the same last name is because you’re related.

1. Meeting a genuinely nice man, checking and confirming your last names aren’t the same, going out with genuinely nice man, enjoy an awesome relationship with genuinely nice man (with all the bells and whistles of what couples get to do) only to find out you’re distantly related by blood.

Hey, I’m all about keeping it within the family but that’s a line I don’t ever want to cross.

So that’s my Top 10. This list all came about because of Dennis who is a very special and funny boy. Click on his name to read his Top 10.

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