3 States In 3 days

I’m beginning to think I could’ve planned my vacation just a little better.

I got back in to SoCal this afternoon and I’m totally still hanging from the weekend festivities. I’ll get to some of the more “choice” segments later because I have more pressing things to think about.

These are known as laundry and bikini hunting.

I really need those wands that the Fairy Godmothers have so that I can wave them around all crazy while screaming “BIBBITY BOBBITY BOO!!!” and then WAH-LAH!!! My suitcase is unpacked, my laundry is done, the bottom half of my favorite blinged out pirate bikini bottom is found and my suitcase is repacked for Hawaii.

That would be stupendously awesome…but since I have neither Fairy Godmothers or magical wands, I have to do it the old school way. That’s fine with me because I’m gonna be in Paradise in T-minus 12 hours. πŸ˜€

Can we say “Alooooha”? I can, I can! *^_____^

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