Triple X (And No, I’m Not Talking WWE)

Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I don’t like to keep up with the news. I’m flipping through my Crackberry and sprayed coffee all over myself when I read the following story. Miss California USA Settles Suit What? What is this I read? She’s in raunchy video? No. Friggin. Way. So let me get … Continue reading

Day Two In Honolulu

I’m chilling out on my lanai (that’s “balconey” for you people who don’t know what a lanai is) and I’m wondering why I ever left Hawaii. To be completely honest, I know why I left but on mornings like this, I have to seriously think to remind myself. I’ve got a killer cup of kona … Continue reading

Take Me Back To The Paradise City

I love Guns N Roses. Anyway, that song is in my head because I’m back in Hawaii!!! The islands are where I spent my awkward pre-teen years to my young adult days. Like al of the young and retarded, I didn’t appreciate my corner of Paradise until I left. Every time I feel sad, overwhelmed … Continue reading