Day Two In Honolulu

I’m chilling out on my lanai (that’s “balconey” for you people who don’t know what a lanai is) and I’m wondering why I ever left Hawaii.

To be completely honest, I know why I left but on mornings like this, I have to seriously think to remind myself.

I’ve got a killer cup of kona coffee waiting for me to drink it. The sun is golden. The trade winds are playing with my freshly washed hair. The ocean is painted the most amazing shades of blues and greens. The sky is also blue and not that weird jaundiced blue I find in SoCal.

Trust me. You don’t know blue sky until you come to Hawaii.

When I decided to come back to my island home, I did it on a whim. I still have friends here so it’s not like I have no one to kick it with but that’s really not the point since they’ve all got this thing called “a job” even though I’m here for vacation.

I really have no plans other than to get a tan. I’m sad that I can’t eat seafood or meat while I’m here (my 49 days aren’t up yet) but that’s cool because Hawaii’s got so much fresh produce. That and Asian veggie dishes are to die for. I’m good…but I want some ahi limu poke and the crab dip from Ryan’s Bar And Grill.

No worries. I’ll just come back next year to eat some. Problem solved.

My next problem? What am I gonna do today? I’m dressed for the day’s activities ::

-yellow bikini – check. I figured yellow is a happy color and I’m in Honolulu so I’ll give my usual black a rest.

-Slippers – check. These are the official footwear of the islands. Never do I see people running around LA or New York in rubber HIC slippers unless they’re transplants from here.

-Crazy high sunblock – check. Dude, skin cancer is no bueno and mos def not sexy. Also, because I glow in the dark and am so white I’m like what my friend Nemo calls “translucent” (he’s just as pale so it’s all good), imy supreme delicateness needs all the protection I can give it….as I’m actively trying desperately to tan.

How do you people do it?! At first I thought my mutant power to defy the sun’s rays is due to me being Asian but I immediately ruled that out because everyone here doesn’t have that problem.

Then I thought maybe it’s because I put on SPF 70 sunblock but nothing happens when I use lower SPF lotions either.

Maybe this is my mutant power. Maybe Magneto should’ve harnessed my ass to that amplifying machine thingy in the first bastardized X-Men movie instead of Rogue.


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