What A Girl Wants

Running around Honolulu the past couple days really taught me something.

I don’t know why more people don’t travel by themself. I go anywhere I want, do anything I want, eat whatever I want whenever I want. I don’t need to babysit anyone or worry if they’re having a good time.

You know what else I just realized? I’ve been single for too long.

I’m actually just a little worried because what if I’ve become one of those crochety old women but in the body of 29-almost-30 year old female? What if I’m so set in my ways, I’m unable to relate to another person in a relationship type of setting?

Weird thing to think about when I was baking myself on Waikiki Beach, huh? Yeah, I thought so too.

On a plus side, I HAVE A FRIGGIN TAAAAANNN!!! That’s right. I’m rocking a tan. I don’t care if Mia’s boyfriend’s friend asked me if I got a tan yet during my time back in Hawaii. I’m going to pretend he didn’t hurt my feelings because I was forced to point out that this IS me tanned.

He’s just bitter Mia and I beat the pants off of him and her man in team 8 ball. Team Stiletto, w00t!


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