Success Is Mine!!

Part One and Part Two in case you didn’t read it. So I got a crash course in how to surf like a pro!! Now to show those waves in Waikiki what’s up. I thought I had figured it all out but you know what they say. “When we make plans, God laughs”. Truer words … Continue reading

Grab Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair.

In case you missed Part One of my odyssey into surfing, read this first. So it began simply enough. Big Mike ran us through the basics. This consisted of : Location, Location, Location Positioning yourself, just like anything in life, is key in surfing. Too far down the board and you’re unbalanced. Too far forward … Continue reading

My Neck….My Back…

I woke up in complete and utter pain. A few minutes of fighting through the haze of aching bones and screaming muscles cleared my head long enough for me to think “What the hell happened”? It took me about 30 minutes to maneuver myself off my bed because I seriously hurt that badly. I finally … Continue reading