Hot Hawaiian Goodness

I can’t think of very many things that can beat a lazy Saturday afternoon sunning myself in Hawaii.


This. Is. Awesomess.

I’m happy to report the tan is coming along…at a limp…but the important thing is that I’m getting tanned. I don’t care if people here still ask me if I’ve found time to get some sun and I have to explain YET AGAIN that this IS me tanned.

They’re just jealous that I can effectively blind all those in a 5 mile radius when the sun hits my pasty skin. They’re also secretly envious that I can glow in the dark. I’ve got super mutant powers. Uh huh. ^^

So I’m working on getting darker and I can see the difference. I’m now the color of cream with a few drops of coffee swirled in.

Casper the Friendly Ghost can’t quite call me a kindred spirit anymore…thank Heaven. Har har har.

Get it?

Friendly Ghost?
Kindred SPIRIT??

I’m so funny.

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be back after this short intermission with even cornier jokes. I know you’ll all be waiting breathlessly for my return.

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2 Responses to “Hot Hawaiian Goodness”
  1. mm says:

    And to think, you didn’t even need to have any radioactivity splashed or injected into you for those powers!

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