My Special Chicken Soup. I Haz A Weird Name For It. :D

Frippy saw that I had made chicken soup for Mia when she’s sick and he wanted the recipe. Because I heart him so (he’s in the military AAAAAAAALLL the f**king way in Afghanistan), the least I can do is totally sneak up on Olivia Munn of G4 fame when I was covering San Diego Comic Con 2009 for YouBentMyWookie.

I had to be all Ninja.Fu and take those pictures from the sideline while ducking and dodging security despite futilely standing in line for 3 hours. Why futile? Because my dumb ass didn’t know you had to get in ANOTHER LINE that morning to get a TICKET to stand in the monster line my geisha’d out ass was in just for CHANCE to see her. WTF?!!!

But that is how much I love my friend. He’s a hero to me and so if it’s something I can do for him, I’ll happily do it. This includes sharing my no-longer-super-secret Oh My Garlic-y Goodness Holy Shitake Mushroom Chicken soup.

I told you I have a weird name for it. Enough talk, on to the action! I’d bust a Maangchi move and tape myself doing it but I’m not cool like her…meaning, I haven’t figured out how to make videos yet. Yet. That’s the key operative word. πŸ˜€ She’s my hero.

Wii’s “Cooking Mama” got nuthin on Maangchi.
She rocks my wok! I’m funny. πŸ˜€

It’s super simple and yet super good. Super simple because I can’t be bothered to make shit all complicated. ^^

You’ll need :

1 cornish hen

An insane amount of garlic (I usually use half a bulb thingy)

10-15 dried shitake mushrooms

Garlic Salt

Sea Salt

optional :

– Small splash of cooking wine. Very small splash. Not a shot, Frippy. I know how you think!! The idea of the wine is to take away any “meat” smell, not to make drunken chicken. ^^

– that red date dried up looking thing if you like your soup sweeter


– ginseng

Soak shitake mushrooms, goji berries separately

I skin my chicken but it’s up to you if you want to or not. I find that skinning them makes the soup less greasy, much lighter and prettier. πŸ˜€

I fill a small pot with water and stick the chicken in.

Add SMALL SPLASH of wine if you want to. Small! Very small!! No drunken chicken soup!

Bruise the garlic with blade of knife (or your bare hands if you’re feeling manly and want to channel your inner barbarian). This is good because it not only to release the garlic-y goodness inside but also a very handy dandy easy peasy way to get rid of garlic skin.

Throw it on in the pot.

Rinse mushrooms and goji berries.

Toss goji berries in.

Slice the mushrooms however you want…or you can be a beast and throw them in whole but know that it’ll be messier to eat later unless you happen to like eating like a neanderthal with juices dribbling all over and down your chin.

Add garlic salt and sea salt to taste.

Ta da!!!

All done. πŸ˜€

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