Veterans Day

My sister and I are like day and night. We don’t try to be opposite of each other. We just are. But one of the things we agree upon? The men and women who serve in the military are heroes. Law enforcement (even though they give me speeding tickets. ^^) and firefighters are also heroes in our eyes.

Granted, both my grandfathers didn’t fight in for the US because they were fighting in China, but they’re heroes to me. They fought for what they thought was right and did what they also thought was right for their family. They raised us to be who we are today with the values we treasure.

One of the things my grandpas taught me was the value of friendships and how you have to watch over them carefully and treat them with care and respect. I have four friends who have served and are serving right now. I’d like to tell you a little about them.

FiLLup is the first one. We went to college together. In fact, he was the first friend I made when I moved back to Los Angeles. I remember getting all my imaginary balls together and asked him if he knew where the library was in our neighborhood. Hey, I’m shy and that took a lot for me to approach someone I didn’t know. He helped me get my first library card in 10 years and we became friends. We met in English class and we ended up taking some computer science classes. He always helped me with my homework….like when I couldn’t be bothered to do it and I’d call him in a panic because it was due that day.

He introduced me to games like CounterStrike (I only got one headshot because I couldn’t get the hang of using the keyboard and mouse to shoot. Dude, just give me a gun, okay? Thanks) and Diablo II. I introduced him to totally girly games like QuizQuiz and ended up becoming his favorite bartender.

I remember the day he told me and some other friends he was enlisting in the Marines. I was completely floored.

When he was off serving, I had told him that I was going to send him snacks before he came back home. I ended up raiding the Asian supermarkets for all the snacks I could load up into a shopping cart. Lotte ChocoPies, delicious dried cuttlefish, various fruit gummies…I couldn’t remember what else I had gotten him. My package made it out to him a few weeks before he came home. I’m happy to say he shared….I think. 😀

Frippy is my second friend. He’s still serving. We’ve been friends for over 5 years. He’s one of the craziest friends I know. I think it’s also because he’s a Scorpio. Not that I’m crazy or anything. He never hesitates to give me his advice and he’s always there to pick me up when I sit down too long. Actually, “pick up” isn’t really accurate. “Haul me up” is more like it.

I was covering San Diego Comic Con 2009 when I get a request from him. Turns out he LOOOOVES Olivia Munn of G4 fame. He said he would be so happy if I could get a photo of her and I together. I didn’t even have to think about it. I said “yes” immediately despite not having any clue how the hell I was going to make this happen.

When there’s a will, there’s a way and I found it. Turns out there was a meet and greet thing at the autograph section. I made my way there 3 hours before the event was to start and was confronted by the craziest line I had ever seen. I didn’t care because it gave me time to transcribe all the interviews I had done that day. 3 hours flash by and it turns out I was the last person they were going to allow to meet Ms. Olivia Munn.

w00t!!! …and then they asked me for a ticket. Wait…what?!! Turns out I had to sit my ass in line IN THE MORNING in order to get a ticket so that I could stand in the line I was in right then for the CHANCE to see her. Wtf… I didn’t get to meet her but that’s okay because I’m a Ninja.Fu master. I hopped my kimono wearing ass all around the perimeter of the stand and snapped a few with my Blackberry. I sent them to him and didn’t post it to YouBentMyWookie.

SushiMan and Nemo are my last two friends. They’re friends from the military. These two are some of the nicest guys I know. Not only are they great to party with (like the time I had to drive SushiMan home on Valentine’s Day. Good thing I know how to drive a manual transmission car even though the clutch was completely burned out) but they also look out for me. They tell me whether or not they think the guy I’m dating is good for me and they won’t sugar coat anything. They tell it to me straight and to my face.

Sure, they tease me sometimes about my love life (or lack thereof) and they think it’s hilarious when I tell them about what my date was like. They’re upfront and honest as to what I deserve and what I’m worth. They dirty dance on in the clubs on my birthday even though they worked all day and sing Bon Jovi’s “Always” with me every time we hit the karaoke bars.

These guys aren’t just a hero in my eyes. They’re some of the most fantastic friends I’m blessed to have.

UncleKJ, thank you for serving too. And to that crazy Korean guy I used to date waaay back in the day….Y, you were one of the craziest guys I know. I still remember that tattoo you had on your shoulder. I hope you’re well wherever you are…I’m sorry we never got to go to that dinner you promised to take me to. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’ve never forgotten.

Thank you, you guys, for all that you’ve done and do to keep us safe….especially my glow-in-the-dark ass. Thank you. You guys are all true heroes.

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