Epic Fail :: Airport Edition

I’d like to think I usually have my shit together. My shoes are free from the “L” and the “R” to remind me which foot goes where. I’m also happy to report my hands and feet are free from those reminders too.

David and Goliath of “The Stupid Factory” fame has a shirt that says “I ride the short yellow bus”. Or something to that effect. I love their stuff and I’ve always liked that shirt. After today, I’m giving serious thought to buying and wearing it.

Why? Because my ass thought my 1:55 flight leaves at 11:55. Yeah.

This means Mia and I literally woke up at the ass crack of dawn courtesy of the in-fuggin-sane hurricane-ish winds that tore through Honolulu last night. But the real reason we dragged our asses out of the Sandman’s territory was because I told her my flight leaves before noon.

I checked in the airport and called my friend, LocalBoi, to tell him I’m here but my flight is about to board. I’m at my gate and they’re making their boarding announcements. I told him I’m sad we didn’t get to hang out but I’ll see him when I get back to which he replies with “Bon Bon….your flight leaves at 1”.

My very eloquent denial of “Nuh uh” died on my lips when I whipped out my boarding pass and saw that my friend knows more about my travel arrangements than I do.


So now I’m chillin’ at the airport Gordon Biersch having a salad, garlic fries drowned in Tobasco-laced ketchup and Johnny Walker Black neat (they don’t have Macallan) and I get to see my friend. All’s well that ends well, you know?

So now I’m telling myself I did this ON PURPOSE so that I can see my friend…but it’s only to make myself feel better because I know that I totally Epic Failed today.

Whoopsies. ^____^
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2 Responses to “Epic Fail :: Airport Edition”
  1. Zontiago says:

    R u sure you’re not my twin? Macallan is my drink too.

  2. missbonnified says:

    No way!!

    * high five *

    We should go scotch tasting one day!

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