Flatiron, What?!

So I’m running around in Chelsea with Mr.T but I have no idea where I am. So, naturally, my clueless ass asks the native New Yorker (pronounced “New Yoahkah”. Yes? No? Dude, I can’t spell New York accents phonetically) where I am.

He goes “Flatiron”.

I’m like “Why is it called that?”

Mr.T is clueless.

I then immediately happily started babbling about maybe from an aerial view it looks like an iron or, OOOOOOHHHH, maybe that wedge of buildings look like an iron and OMFG!!! STREET DOGS!!!!

He thinks I’m weird. 😀

The whole point of this post? To show him I can update my blog with my CrackBerry. I love it. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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