Things That Make You Go Hm…

My sisters’ friend is nice enough to let us crash at his apartment for the night.

NYU is right next door. I think this is where all the residents, hospital staff and other professionals live.

I also think it used to be a hospital. You know you’ve been a nurse for too long when you know when you’re in a hospital even though it mighty morphed itself into a residential building.

It’s the little things that gave it away….like the lobby, the layout of the building, the old trash recepticles built directly into the walls…

It also reminds me of a dorm. I’ve never lived in a dorm (yea yea yea, I didn’t get the whole “college” experience….bite me) but I watched a lot of movies and I have an awesome imagination. The super tired looking residents trudging their way back home just helped drive that impression home.

But it’s a cute building. You almost feel like you’re in a dorm party but with better alcohol and no dorm monitors. 😀 Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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