I’m A Weirdo, Baby

Mr.Insanity has an awesome pad. What makes it so awesome? He has a vampire lair.

Well, that’s what my sisters and I have named it.

So check this out.

His living room has no windows. That means it’s COMPLETELY PITCH BLACK!!! He’s got super comfy couches with the softest blankets. MissMarketing scored us a room at the W for the craziest price ($150 for a night. In Manhattan. Uh huh. Don’t hate) but neither her nor I want to stay there.

We want the Vampire Lair!!! MiniMe (my baby sister) was like “You two stay here and I’ll go to the W!”

We’re like “OKAY!!”

Just kidding. We’re all going.

I made a comment earlier about how I love the dark. MiniMe made a passing comment about how it’s because I’m a Scorpio and how that automatically makes me weird.

MissMarketing then said that all Scorpios are crazy and how we can go from 0 – In Love under 5 seconds flat. She said she dated one once and “never again. You guys are insane”.

My feelings are hurt. ….haa haa haa… 😀
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