Magic Happy Hour

MissMarketing and I decided to stop by Haru in Union Square for some sushi. I was starving. Barney the Tapeworm was about to die from hunger. Sushi it is!

I liked the decor, especially the water wall by the front door. The sake list’s extensive with a good selection.

The lobster mango ceviche was good but I wouldve liked the mango flavor a little more noticeable. The sashimi was delicious but the Symphony appetizer wasn’t too good. I liked the idea of it (a tower of spicy ahi, salmon tartare and king crab with “caviar”) but I was disappointed by the first bite…and all the bites that followed. The caviar is nothing more than tobiko in different colors. Very sad was I.


I’m not kidding. We ordered a Kubota in a bamboo server and we were drinking for an hour. It didn’t run out. We drank and drank till I didn’t want any more sake…but still it poured out more clear liquid happiness.

We finally hit the bottom of the bamboo and we were sad…and tipsy…and sloshy…and full.

That thing is misleading and a force not to be trifled with. It looks so unassuming and nonthreatening but DAYAM, it holds a lot of fluid.

MissMarketing is awesome and a trooper. This was an awesome birthday dinner. 😀

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