Home, Sweet Home

I looooved that song by Motley Crue. I think I was the only one out of all my friends in junior high who loooved metal. They had posters of The New Kids On The Block, Vanilla Ice and Tommy Page. I had Guns N Roses, Metallica, Megadeath, Ozzy, Faith No More and Poison.

They loved KIIS Fm with Rick Dees. I loved 100.3 Pirate Radio.

I’m special.

Anyway, so now I’m finally home from the most insane vacation I’ve ever gone on. I went from LA to Vegas to Honolulu back to Vegas and then to New York with pit stops in LA to unpack and repack.

I’m now happy to report I still have tan lines from all the Hail Mary sessions of tanning in Hawaii, I hit straight flushes THREE TIMES in Vegas and ate my way through the Big Apple…and my clothes are still loose.

Oh, I also partied like a rockstar, never fell down, didn’t get thrown out of clubs/bars (well…we did have to leave The Bank in Vegas but it wasn’t because of me. FTW!!!), and only threw up because I ate the Lamb Gyro Of Doom and clogged the toilet at The W in Union Square.

Yeah…I had a great time.

The only problem now is my room looks like my closet threw up all over it. I have bikinis tossed all over the clothes I threw out of suitcases.

Talk about collateral damage. I really Really REALLY WISH I had a magic wand right about now.

That way, with a mere flick of my wrist and some mumbo jumbo, all my crap would be where it’s supposed to be and everything would be pristine.

If wishes were horses then, baby, I’d have a full stable.

Hey, a girl can dream…right?

So now the burninating question is if I should clean up today so that I can enjoy the debauchery of tomorrow’s last hurrah ooooooorrr should I procrastinate by eating and watching TV?

Hmmmm….. Decisions, decisions….


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6 Responses to “Home, Sweet Home”
  1. Zontiago says:

    You really are my twin with the love of metal. And u must be around my age if u liked it around jr high. Crazy… Hmmm I always eat first after I land.

    • missbonnified says:

      You liked metal too?! Wow, first the scotch and now music…we just might be twins!

      * w00t *

      I decided to do both. I made Shin Ramyun (because I didn’t meet my RDA of sodium) while waiting for laundry to finish. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Eat, wash and fold while watching TV. This multitasking thing is AWESOME!!

  2. Glow Worm says:

    I say you hire that maid we were talking about before you left for your whirlwind trip!

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