Ninja Assassin

I’ve never taken myself to see a movie before. I was always a little shy. Ever since turning 30, I’ve noticed something about myself. I just don’t give a damn and I’ll do whatever the f*ck I want.

I wanted to see Ninja Assassin. All my friends are watching it on Friday. I can’t wait that long. Therefore, I said screw it. I’m gonna go see it.

Holy shit, can I just say I’m glad I didn’t wait for a guy to take me? Unless he’s either a gay friend or a super good friend I’ve known forever, I’m pretty sure he would’ve been irritated by all the drool dripping down my chin (sexy and uber hawt of me, I know).

At first, I went to see it for Sung Kang. I’ve loved him since “Better Luck Tomorrow” but after I saw “Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift”? Good Lord….

Sadly to say, he only lasted for about 15 minutes. So sad.

Okay, I gotta write up my review for YouBentMyWookie.

….I’m in love….

* swoon *

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2 Responses to “Ninja Assassin”
  1. Zontiago says:

    Gotta give Rain props, he got RIPPED. And his English got slightly better since his Korean drama days.

    • missbonnified says:

      I read that he really worked out hard to get that body. All I have to say is all that hard work paid off.

      His English sounded pretty good to me…but then again, he didn’t really talk a whole lot. Young Raizo was really good too! I really liked him. I wanted to pinch his cheeks. 😀

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