I’m Burnin’ Up, Burnin’ Up For Your Love

I’m not just sick. I’ve been stricken with the flu. I have no idea what variation I have since I got both the regular flu shot and the H1N1 at work (one of the “perks” of working in a hospital) but whatever version I got is no joke.

I’m caught in an alternating cycle of freezing to the core and feeling like I’m being burned alive. I’m surprised I haven’t scorched an imprint of my body on to the leather of my couch. Yes, my couch. I’ve been living in the living room since I got sick.

I don’t know why I always do this. Every time some crazy cold / flu tries me make me its bitch, I drag all my blankets into the living room and I don’t leave it. I sleep there, eat there and watch waaaay too much anime. Currently, I’m finishing Rurouni Kenshin. Omg, I love Kenshin….love him, Love Him LOVE HIM!!! I want to watch Soul Eater but I can’t remember where I’m supposed to watch it. Oh well. I’m totally sad.

I think I know why I like to camp out in my living room. It’s sooo close to the bathroom. I freeze to death whenever I’m not in my Coccoon Oven (that’s what I call the mountain all my blankets make when heaped on the couch) and I dragged my TV out here years ago. I gotta be close to my entertainment. My couch is also my BlackHole so I have no choice but to give in to its gravitational pull on me.

This is the same couch that will not relinquish me to my friends. My friends all know that I’m basically a goner for the night if I tell them “I just need a short nap”. They’ve felt the crazy powerful pull of my couch so they know why I can’t resist it.

It actually works out to my advantage because now I can explain why I like running around town in my scrubs. Yes, you heard me. We’re usually out in Ktown (KoreaTown for you guys who have no idea what Ktown is) which means people are usually dressed fashionably, even if it’s a pair of jeans and a shirt. The jeans will usually be Joe’s Jeans and the shirt will be by some crazy designer I probably don’t know.

Me? I run around in my hospital issue scrubs and clogs because I just don’t give a flying f*ck. Look, you want me to come out or not? πŸ˜€ What’s so awesome about my friends is that they don’t care either. This is why I super heart them and they super heart me. w0000t!!


…how the hell did I start talking about this from the original topic of the flu? ….yeah, I’ve no idea.

You know what else I don’t understand? In a desperate effort to keep myself hydrated, I drank one entire gallon of water yesterday. This isn’t counting the soup I guzzled like nobody’s business and all the rice porridge I slurped down. That’s just water alone.

So someone please explain to me why my lips are chapped to the point of cracked and bleeding? I seriously truly think all the water I drank went STRAIGHT to the snot production factory in my body because Heaven knows I made more than enough of that. * sigh *

Tamiflu, take me away! Actually, I take that back. Let me start over.

Tamiflu, that this flu away!!! And then Calgon, take me away to Land Of The Healthy!

God, that would be awesome. Where are my red ruby slippers so I can click my heels a few times? Omg, I think I’m delirious. That’s awesome.


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