My Mom, The Part Time Pimpstress

So my mom decides that she wants All You Can Eat Korean BBQ. Dude, I’m down so I’m like “let’s go”.

Halfway to Ktown, she says “um…Bonnie….I’m not really that hungry…”


So now I’m trying to figure out how hungry she is. We decided to scrap the AYCE BBQ plan in lieu of winging it. We bought groceries and my mom’s like “I just want something small to eat.”

Well, that basically means Korean cafes since we’re here.

Yeah, I’m hanging out in a cafe with my mom. In Ktown. That’s how much I love my mom.

We’re drinking bekseju.

She’s turning red. She had two shots. Ooooh, Lordie…

A group of 6 guys walked through the door. They’re pretty attractive and they’re tall. My mom turns around in her seat a bit wobbily (is that even a word???), spots them, thinks they’re attractive and immediately turns back around to grin at me.

Uh oh. I know my mom, I know what kind of balls she grows when drinking (she can’t hold her liquor. I dunno where my freak mutant gene comes from) and I also know what she’s thinking.

She’s already waving down the waitress because she TRYING TO F*CKING BOOK THESE RANDOIM GUYS TO OUR TABLE!!! WE’RE IN A CAFE! NOT A CLUB!!!

My mom’s the shit. Total pimp. I love her. I’m also not giving her any more bekseju. 😀

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2 Responses to “My Mom, The Part Time Pimpstress”
  1. *wag finger* Korean boys are trouble. :p

    • missbonnified says:


      Wow, you sound like you come from experience! You actually touched *sort of* on the subject of another post I’m planning on putting up in a little while. I hope you don’t mind if I link your reply from this post to that entry. ^^

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on that entry. Have a great night! 😀

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