Fe Man 2. That’s Iron Man 2, Guys.

Helllooooooo, Tony Stark. Mmm Mmm good… In case no one understood the title of this post, thought I was speaking in some kind of weird language and/or forgot their Periodic Table Of elements, Fe = Iron. Chemistry 101 class dismissed. I came home feeling like death warmed over but immediately came back to life (just … Continue reading

Adventures Of Snow Bunny Bonnie

I am so addicted to snow sports. Actually, I can’t really say that since I’ve only gone in the snow once but I really Really REALLY liked it!! A lot!! I am so glad I chose to ski because I watched all the new boarders who were learning spend more time on their ass (therefore … Continue reading

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby.

There is something so hot about a man in a dress shirt and a wife beater underneath. …. * drool * …and tattoos….omfg, tattoos…and if he can rock a baseball cap…and GLASSES!!! Wow, getting hot in here. Okay, I’m back from La La Land now. I swear. Wait, I hope you people aren’t thinking I … Continue reading