Angel with black wings.
Angel with guns.
Doomsday scenario.
Please, someone (anyone), tell me what’s not to like?

Damn, there are a TON of movies I’m gonna be watching this upcoming year. First, it’s gonna be “Legion” with Paul Bettany. If you read this handy dandy piece, it’ll explain a lot about the rest of the stuff you’re about to read.

After my Fallen Angel feast but before Iron Man 2, I’m gonna be watching CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!! If you haven’t seen the trailer for this, peep it here and prepare to be unproductive for the rest of your day. It is that good.

This movie is definitely going on my “I Have To See” list. 😀 My personal favorite? The bad ass scorpions. Why? That’s easy. I’m a Scorpio and we are definitely not to be reckoned with.

In case parts of this clip looks familiar, allow me to point out why.

There was an 80’s movie just like this.

I watched it when I was little and I LOVED IT!!! I grew up honing my mad English skills reading Greek mythology and I ate stuff like this up. I have to admit, I always secretly wanted the big scary SeaMonsterDude to eat Andromeda. I have no idea why but I remember thinking “Well….what if he just ate her? He looks pretty hungry….oh wait, that would be mean to eat her. Okaaaaay….I guess that guy on Pegasus can saaaaave heeer…”

The updated version differs from the 80’s version from what I’ve seen in this clip but it is still nothing short of AWESOMENESS! And yes, I realize in this version Perseus is a god whereas he was a mortal in the 80’s version but so what? What I love about this rendition is how he seems to have to battle against being a god so that he could be the human he was raised to be AND YET he must come to terms with his god-ness in order to save the world as we (they) know it.

Maybe it’s the whole inner turmoil, angst and epic internal battles that I gravitate towards? Hm. I have no idea. I’ll have to figure this out but until then, I’m going to be looking forward to 2010 as a record year for getting me to skip into the movies.

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