Family Chaos Game Night :: Mobster Monopoly Part One

In a previous post, I talked about how we finally had our first ever Epic Family Chaos Christmas. To date, it was also our last. I briefly mentioned this thing called Gangster Monopoly. Before I get into how I ran the game, a little history about the GANGSTER nature of Monopoly!!

Bet you didn’t know it wasn’t just a simple board game, did you? After reading this, consider yourself schooled.

During World War II, the British secret service hatched a master plan to smuggle escape gear to captured Allied soldiers inside Germany. Their secret weapon? Monopoly boxes. The original notion was simple enough: Find a way to sneak useful items into prison camps in an unassuming form. But the idea to use Monopoly came from a series of happy coincidences, all of which started with maps.

For the rest of this mind blowing article, read it at Mental_Floss.

So here’s what happened that drunken Christmas Eve. Having made short work of Patron and his family, we were busy ravaging the super human sized bottles of Grey Goose. They didn’t stand a chance. Neither did our chances of staying sober enough to play most normal games by their standard rules.

I turned it into Mobster Monopoly. It was actually pretty simple.

Luck was my lady that night because in the crucial first rounds of the game, I couldn’t lose. I snapped up prized pieces of property and landed on Free Parking a few times. That fortuitous combination put me in the highly enviable position of being able to weather out most dips. If I landed on Kai’s Mediterranean Place *yawn*, the $2 rent wasn’t going to break me. In fact, I’d hardly notice it.

After a few minutes of fast and furious gaming, I managed to knock out Jackie who wanted to watch TV by this point. She had landed on a property of mine that just sprouted a hotel so she was screwed. I absorbed her holdings along with cash reserves and lorded my glorified position over my little brother and cousins.

I so rock.

Now they were scared of me. Damn straight. I’d be scared of me too except I was too busy being happy. Muahaha!! Ph34r me, little peons!! <- I actually said that to them. I'm such a loving big sister. Aah haa haa haa!!

As Luck would have it, one of them landed again on my monster Super Sized Property Of Doom. I think it was my brother. In his eyes, I saw him pleading with me not to kick out of the game by taking all that he had worked so hard to accumulate.

I was feeling particularly magnanimous so I decided to cut him a deal. I think the 3rd jumbo sized cup Jack and Diet Coke had a lot to do with my spirit of generosity at this point.

I asked him if he still wanted to play. He eagerly nodded his head. Now I really didn't have the heart to take away everything he owned but I also couldn't just let him get away free and clear without paying.

That's not just bad business but what the hell kind of Big Sister would I be if I didn't teach him a lesson about Life when the opportunity presents itself? I'd like to point out that the sudden appearance of my devious side had nothing to do with what happened next.

I made him a deal he couldn't refuse and the moment he took the deal by shaking my hand, the game stopped being Plain Vanilla Monopoly and turned into Mobster Monopoly.

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