I Want My Brain Back!

I went for an MRI scan today. It wasn’t as bad I thought it would be. I’ve lost count of all the patients I’ve transported to CT but I can’t remember being scanned myself. I know I’ve had a CT and MRI a few years ago when I had to go to ER but I can’t remember.

Good thing I’m not claustrophobic and I have a highly developed imagination. I simply pretended I was an astronaut going off to explore (minus the pesky zero gravity thing) so I was fine staring up at the top of the cylinder that was thisclose from my nose.

They also had my head enclosed in this weird egg basket looking thing so naturally I wanted to pretend I was Hannibal Lecter but I couldn’t really because I wasn’t supposed to move my head. Oh well. Maybe this was for the best since I don’t particularly want to have to bite people nor am I complete sociopath. I still love him though. I know, I’m weird.

I’m also really thankful for ear plugs because it’s really loud in that tube. It kind of reminded me of what robots would sound like if they’re either really grouchy, cranky robots having sex or at a rave with other really cranky, grouchy robots.

My pinky ring is made of gold so every pulse of magnetic goodness shot at my head also made my ring tingle and vibrate. I started wondering if this means I’ll become all X-Men like Magneto. Holy shit, how fucking awesome would that be?

I’ll admit I was a little nervous when I walked into the office because I didn’t know what to expect. My friends were very supportive. They made their love known by telling me :

– they hope the scan can locate my brain. If my brain was not found, it would make me the first ever confirmed zombie. That’s great. No, thanks. Zombies are so gross and most definitely not sexy. I don’t care if they think I’d be a cute zombie. Noooooo, thanks. I’ll pass.

– the hope the scan can confirm I actually HAVE a brain to start with.

– I should remember to ask for my brain back this time since I don’t remember going for a CT and MRI a few years ago.

What a loving bunch of friends I have. I’m so blessed. ^__^

I know what I’m getting all of them for Christmas this year. I’m getting them all lumps of coal. I’ll include a note that says “The most precious jewel we prize is a diamond. Here’s the raw materials to create your very own because I love you so much! Isn’t it fantastic?! We can watch you turn this into a diamond together because we’ll be friends FOREVER AND EVEEERRR!!!”

I’m sure they’ll be jumping for joy. 😀

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2 Responses to “I Want My Brain Back!”
  1. Lance says:

    Oh man… I’ve actuallyleft someone a lump of coal once. I wish I had your note to go along with it!

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