Sex In The City 2 = Meh For Now

It’s been two years in the life of the Fabulous 4 from the last time we saw them on the big screen. “What have they been up to”, you ask?

Why don’t you see for yourself?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m a huge SATC freak. I loved the series when it was on HBO but I wasn’t as into the movie as I thought I would be. Granted, I really REALLY liked it but I didn’t OMFG-SUPER-HEART it like I did the series. Maybe it was because I felt like they focused more on the relationship between Carrie and her assistant? Since when was the show EVER about any assistants…that is, unless you’re counting the stream of men who slipped their way between the sheets of the foursome.

I’m not really understanding a lot about what’s going on in this latest attempt to herd cosmo guzzling females into the movies. All this preview’s really showing me is the following :

– gold aviator glasses will most likely in style. Not sure if I’m gonna rock those…

– if turbans become fashionable, this will reaffirm why I never follow huge fashion trends.

– something happened in their lives that made them decide to go for a highly atypical Girl’s Night Out. Except it’s not just for one night because they’re somewhere in the middle of the desert…in party clothes…and heels…wtf. Okay, okay…so that clip doesn’t show the footwear but COME ON. It’s Carrie and the girls. Then again, since when did any of these four girls do ANYTHING that remotely resembles the term “typical”?

Maybe this is why they’re the Fab Four and why we love them.

I don’t know though…as much as I love those girls (AND MR. BIG!!! Omg….Mr. Big all the way!! Aiden, who?), I’m undecided about this movie as of right now.

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