Tis The Season…Please Help.

I crack jokes left and right. I take almost nothing seriously (unless I have to. I’m pretty good at figuring out when it’s appropriate to laugh like a hyena or when it’s okay to disengage the safety hatch between my brain and mouth) but this is probably one of the very few posts where I’ll be serious.

My family, while we don’t have much, consider ourselves richer beyond reckoning because we have each other. We come through for each other and while we might not always agree or like each other at a particular moment, there is no doubt in any of our heads where our support system is.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have what I have. In addition to my family, I have my health, I have a wonderful career as a nurse, people actually want to read what I write, I GET to write for various sites/blogs and I have my whole life in front of me for my mom to parade a string of men she wants to see me married off to. I swear I’m like her hobby or something.

One of the greatest lessons my dad taught me was to give of yourself.

“Bonnie, give money to those less fortunate than you if you have the money to spare. If you don’t have the money to give, then give of your time because you have 24 hours of it just like everyone else.”

My brother took that lesson to heart. He’s only 20 years old and while I think he’s a big goober, he has a heart of gold. He singlehandedly organized a car show (he’s VERY into cars. I’m so proud of him) with the goal of it being a toy drive for children. He didn’t make it mandatory that everyone had to bring a gift because he wanted them to do it of their own free will and from the heart.

My beloved little man even had a big box to collect the gifts with.

I’m sad to say that no one brought anything besides their cars. My little brother was so disappointed. I saw it in his eyes when he came home and I was sad for him. At the same time, I was so proud of him. He doesn’t have a lot and yet he’s man enough to think of others less fortunate.

My little brother is like my son. I raised him by myself when I was 17 till I was almost 21. He also started living with me for the last couple of years. 3? 4? I can’t even remember. He’s basically the barnacle of my existence but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m proud of him even when he makes me so mad I swear I’m about to tear the house down. 😀

If he had let me come to his show, I would’ve shown up with a bunch of toys but that little bastard didn’t tell me where it was! * sigh *

I’m not going to ask you guys to go and donate money or spend money on gifts for toy drives. What you do with your own hard earned money is none of my business but if I could just ask you for a favor instead.

I’m not sure where you’re reading this entry from. You might’ve been redirected from an old blog, from my friends’ pages on that old community, from Twitter, from Facebook, from the GoProductions.com website/blog page or from…I dunno where else.

Please do this one thing for me. If you’re not on missbonnified.com, please click that link. If you look on the right side bar, you’ll see something called Social Vibe.

For every click on that widget, you’re helping the charity I’m supporting for this time period. It only takes a few minutes and I haven’t gotten spammed up the ying-yang. Then again, they haven’t asked me for my email so maybe that’s why.

This time, I’m supporting IAVA (Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans of America). These brave men and women give so much of themselves for the things we enjoy everyday and take for granted. I don’t know about you but a lot of my close friends served and one very special boy (Frippy, I’m talking about you) is still serving.

Your views on the war is your own and I respect that regardless of where you stand. But, please, give just a few minutes of your time to support these brave soldiers who have given so much of themselves. I appreciate all the time you spent reading this entry…and now, if you’ll forgive me, I’d like to just ask you for a few more moments to do this for our brave soldiers.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

With love,
Bonnie N. Clyde

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