My Two Cents On Avatar IMAX 3D

Remember how Ah-Nold foretold the future when he robotically stated “I’ll be back” in both Terminator 1 and 2? Not bad for a fresh-from-the-future robot predicting the success of James Cameron. Or how about that other film when Jack triumphantly screams into the wind “I’M KING OF THE WORLD!!!’ while aboard the ultimately Epic Fail of all cruise liners? While the Titanic sank (the ship, not the movie), James Cameron went the complete opposite direction because, if Avatar’s any inclination of what this man’s capable of, the world is simply not enough.

I didn’t quite know what to make of this movie when I was covering 2009’s San Diego Comic Con. I liked the gigantic Mecha-looking suit (I now know they’re called AMP suits – Amplified Mobility Platform suit) but I wasn’t quite sure how that fit in with the gorgeous diorama depicting what looked like a forest with strange looking creatures. I basically went into this movie blind because the only thing I knew was “there’s a giant Mecha suit that somebody’s gonna have to operate” and “there’s a planet with blue human looking creatures and dinosaurs!!”

I walked into the movies with my family rocking our 3D glasses and proceeded to have my mind blown.

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