The First Boy Who Loved Me

Omg…does nobody remember these from back in the day?
What’s sad is that I used to look like that (minus the Pochacco thing).
From what I understand, the boy in this post probably looked like this cartoon boy. ^^

I don’t know why I started thinking about him again but I’ve noticed a trend. Every time I see a Korean lady old enough to be my mom, I remember Mrs. Min and then I start to think about him…but memories of him don’t really hit me unless I’m able to catch a hint of coffee from the lady walking past me. Only then do the memories come out in full force to play.

I remember Mrs. Min so well because she used to carpool with us and she’d always pick us up in the morning before going to play golf. This explains why I associate her with the smell of coffee. Once I start thinking of her, thoughts of her son immediately always follow.

We met when I was in the 3rd grade. I’m not sure what it was about me that he loved so much but he made his feelings very clear unlike the rest of the boys who would steal my crayons and markers just so that they could give it back to me.

I would always find little presents in my desk and I’d have no idea who they were from. The first one was a bookmark with a little sheep on it because he knew how much I loved to read (still love reading). The bookmark read “Jesus loves you and so do I!”

The only words I saw on that were “loves you and so do I” and I promptly freaked out.

I was scared because what the hell did I know of love? I thought boys were gross and smelly when I was in 3rd grade. In my eyes, they only existed to provide me with worthy opponents on the kickball field (I totally kicked their asses. They used to call me Steroid Lady. I was like Chun Li with my long ass legs). I didn’t know what to make of this “love” my secret admirer was professing to me via a sheep bookmark so I just put it away.

The next thing I found was a sunny yellow star shaped eraser. I think there was a note that said “For you because you’re a shining star!”

I was getting kind of creeped out because I had no idea who this person was but he obviously knows me and where my desk was!! What the hell?! Who was this mysterious person?! I contemplated throwing away the eraser or giving it to my sister but it smelled nice (I remember it had a pleasantly sweet lemon scent) so I kept it in its own compartment in my favorite Sanrio deluxe pencil case. I remember I would take it out to admire it every now and then. I actually kept that eraser and one other gift from him for years and years. I only lost them when I moved to Hawaii. I remember I was really sad when I couldn’t find them.

I kept receiving a steady stream of little love notes (“I think you look really pretty today”, “You’re really good at kickball”) until one day he left me one that said “I’ll be telling you today who I am” or something to that extent. With that note, he had left me a necklace made of staples that he had made himself. Yup. My first ever piece of jewelry given to me by the opposite sex was a long chain he made himself when he stole the stapler off our teacher’s desk to assemble my gift.

Looking back, that’s L-O-V-E right there. He was risking getting in huuuuge trouble so that he could give me something pretty. For a 3rd grader, that’s pretty ballsy, impressive and I wish I had appreciated it more. Maybe this story would’ve ended better…. x)

4 Responses to “The First Boy Who Loved Me”
  1. tracy says:

    omg!!! i remember these kinds of pictures!!! ive been seriously looking for them for the longest!!! pls if u have anymore of em can u send em to me via email pls pls!!! i woukld very oh soooo freaken much appreciate it..thank u!!!

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Hi Tracy,

      I found them on a tripod site (as you can tell by the now generic image) but I don’t have them. If I find anymore, I’ll forward them to you.

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