2000 – 2009, The End Of A Decade

What the hell….how is it possible that the sun’s about to set on the last day of 2009?! Didn’t the year just begin?! I was just partying it up at Hobbes’s house with Calvin, Mr.Hobbes, Mwuajeee and Osturtle. Where did all the time go?

Now that I think about it, where did the first decade of the new century go? Hm…let me see if I can remember…

I decided to get my ass out of Hawaii. Thanks to a lot of hustle, blood, sweat, tears and enough tequila to drown Mexico, I made it out alive and without anything on my record for which I am immensely grateful. I brought MooMoo (my then boyfriend, currently enjoys ExBoyfriend status) with me.

Got a taste of what married life feels like. He went to work, I went to school. I made dinner every night, he ate it. I did the laundry, cleaned the house and cracked out on Diablo II when he was at work and I didn’t have class. That was not the life for me at 21 years of age.

Got back into the bar/club scene and started slinging drinks as a bartender. That’s where I first met Justin and Scott of GoProductions. Justin looks exactly the same now as he did back then. Depending on how drunk I was, I would bestow upon him free pitchers of his favorite concoction. It was awesome.

I have no idea how I survived those years behind the bar. Holy good God….

Dated one of the craziest guys I know. Despite his best efforts, people still knew who I was and would come looking for me to get to him. Those were some crazy years…

Entered and competed in a bikini contest.

Dot.com boom became dot.com bust so I opted out of computer programming to go into nursing. I loved programming though….it reminded me of putting together puzzles and I love that shit. I have no idea why….I just do. How weird.

Going into nursing meant coming out of retirement. Those days and nights were some of the most surreal. Sometimes, I wonder if it was all just a really beautiful nightmare.

Dated the craziest person I know. Almost eloped but thanks to my mutant, extreme variant of the word “stubborn” and an insane sense of self preservation, I held my ground and refused. I think that’s probably what saved me in the end. I have to thank him for teaching me some of the most painful lessons I’ve ever had to learn…but learn I did and I’ll never forget. My memory for these things are not to be reckoned with.

I went back into retirement and wrangled with this thing known as eBay. Took a contact he gave me and sold power commanders for most super street bikes. The best selling ones were for the Gixxers and Yamahas. I didn’t move much volume for the Hondas. Once we broke up, I stopped with the motorcycle stuff.

Popped and maintained a wheelie on the 50cc mini bikes. That was crazy. I was freaking out in my head and then I had to lay it down. Oops.

Became a nurse. Never thought I would ever be one but I am. Life is indeed strange.

I learned how to ski. Kind of.

I learned how to surf. Sort of.

I entered the Dirty Thirties. All I have to say is “Holy fucking cow, why did no one tell me it was going to be this much fun?!”. Wtf…why were people holding out on me?!

A lot of people told me over the years I should write. My standard response was “I do. I’ve been blogging since ’99”. They had to explain that I should take it more seriously and less as a hobby.

I then started writing for AArising which is a site for Asian Americans.

YouBentMyWookie followed shortly after. Because of YBMW, I got to go to my first ever Comic Con (what? :D), interviewed Tim Burton (dressing up as a Japanese schoolgirl is KEY if you want to stick out in a room full of professional people and get the attention of his handler so that you can ask your questions), interviewed the cast of Fringe and Big Bang Theory. Also in the media room for Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku when they were discussing the now cancelled “Doll House” tv series. I really really liked that show too.. So sad.

My movie reviews ended up on IMDb. Holy fucking shit….my opinions of movies are featured on the same page as Roger and Ebert, the LA times, the NY times, Rotten Tomatoes and blah blah blah. Now THAT is a trip. I was so excited, I almost threw up. Sexy, I know.

Got published in Audrey magazine for their June/July 2009 issue. I almost threw up when I found out from Nakachan that they’re going to use my piece. I almost fainted when I saw my photo and my words staring up at me from that magazine.

Was approached by the man behind Musings on life and love to write there too. I like the whole “Love isn’t a battlefied” concept and agreed.

And now I’m also blogging forGoProductions. How crazy is that….I’m looking forward to seeing how this collaboration goes.

Speaking of GoProductions, I wanted to attend the crazy party known as IL Palazzo. That sounds like an insane party…but I decided to take my mom, my last remaining grandparent, my little brother and little sister out instead.

This NYE is an interesting one because tonight features a Blue Moon and some kind of eclipse (I think). I can’t think of a more befitting way to start off a new decade than spending it with my family (dude, I can’t remember the last time I spent New Year’s Eve with my mom. I think I was in grade school or something) during a blue moon event.

So that’s basically what the first decade of the new century has been like for me. If I had to sum it up in one phrase, I’m going to have to say “trial by fire”. Hands down.

I came out of this much stronger and you know what? If someone gave me the keys to that crazy DeLorean from Back To The Future and told me I could change anything in my life, I’d give the keys back because I don’t want to change anything.

….okay, so I totally lied. I wouldn’t give the keys back. I’d take that bad boy out for the craziest ride of my life!! That’s what I would do! Screw just passively handing back the keys, man….

Oh yeah. I also discovered that I have an imaginary tapeworm that I call Barney The Tapeworm.

2010, I hope you’re ready for me because here I come and I’m not pulling any punches.

2 Responses to “2000 – 2009, The End Of A Decade”
  1. mm says:

    Don’t forget your interview with David Johnson, The Orphan screenwriter as well! He’s working on a big screen adaption of Little Red Riding Hood now. Which of course will be a gothic horror retelling of the classic tale.

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      How could I ever forget him? He was the first person I ever interviewed and he was soooo nice!! I totally didn’t feel nervous anymore. 🙂

      Dude, he’s doing Little Red Riding Hood?! That’s gonna be crazy. 😀

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