My Boyfriend Is Awesomeness

I’m rock at a bunch of things. Examples include (but are not limited to) : – eating – sleeping – laughing like a hyena – acting like someone half my age – daydreaming I’m good at some other things. These include (but are not limited to) : – cooking – not burning down my kitchen … Continue reading

Packing It Up

Moving is a royal pain in my ass. I’ve been living in the same place for 10 years so I’ve accumulated a bunch of crap. Interestingly enough, the physical manifestation most of this stuff favored was in the form of shoes. Weird… I’m so happy I’m not a pack rat. GOD, I’M SO HAPPY I’M … Continue reading

So Grossed Out

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Omg, this song brings back some memories….like when this song used to traumatize me when I was 10 and I’d turn beet red whenever it came out on the radio. My mom would always switch to another radio station whenever this song came on. … Continue reading

I’m So Grateful

New year, new decade… I have a wonderful boyfriend who I adore (luckily the feeling is mutual. Haa haa haa) AND I HAVE A NEW APARTMENT!!! Someone pinch me because I’m afraid I’m dreaming. 😀 Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Conan Cracks Me Up

I like Conan. I really do. I have no idea wtf happened during that crazy week when everyone of you people on my twitter and Facebook were all TEAM CONAN. That was a week when my life was too crazy so I had little time to pay attention to other stuff….like….outside a 15 foot radius … Continue reading

Cookie Monster

I don’t know why this song makes me want to go into the kitchen and make something to eat. I think it’s all the references to sugar and candy and stuff. I love to cook. Some people eat to live. I live to eat. That’s because I have Barney the Tapeworm to think about. You … Continue reading

Saving Lives Is Dirty Work

I’m not kidding. This song, “Staying Alive”, by the Bee Gees really does keep people alive. I like this song. Don’t ask me why. I’m going to tell you what happened yesterday and you tell me what you think is going on. Some say signs that show you’re doing it right are cracked ribs and … Continue reading

For A Good Cause. Please Vote For The Center For The Pacific Asian Family

So it’s a new year, a new decade and I’ve found a new cause…this is one that I hold very dear to my heart. Actually, I can’t exactly call it a “new cause” because my vote during Round One helped them receive $25,000 from Chase. That’s right, I helped make that happen with my one … Continue reading

I Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

I am totally diggin on this song right now. Who knew I’d like mellow-ish sounding songs? I usually gravitate towards darker sounds….but this is nice. I like the lyrics. Omfg…a song with lyrics that doesn’t involve people I don’t give a shit about telling me about their ride or how they’d like to *bleep* all … Continue reading

What A Difference A Day Makes

This song is very special to me and not just because I think it’s orgasmic for my ears. This has got to be one of the craziest starts to any year I can remember. It’s definitely been full of firsts. If there’s anything I know about myself, it is that I never forget them. I … Continue reading