My First Night Out In 2010

Last night, a girlfriend and I decided to hit a Korean club in LA. There were friends there and since I didn’t have a super insane NYE like I usually do, it was my first night out in the new year. I was more than down to go.

I had a great time in the sense that I saw the stupidest things happen. I think the best has got to be the guy who was so drunk and needed to pee so bad, he unzipped in front of me (thank God he was facing the other way or else, Houston, we have a huge #$&@ing problem) and let it aaaaaall out….and then security caught him. That was hilarious.

And then there was the 21 year old girl who asked me when I graduated high school. When I told her, her eyes kind of glazed over. I could tell simple math was too complicated for her at this point. When she finally managed to figure it out, she was like “Unni, I thought you just graduated a few years ago!”. My answer was, “Baby girl, I already gave you a cigarette. You don’t have to butter me up. Your ex boyfriend is about to throw up on himself. You should see if he’s okay, mmmkay, pumpkin?”

She was so cute.

But here’s what I really want to say. I love a man who takes charge, asks me for my hand and leads me off to wherever it is he thinks would be fun for us to go. I looooove Love LOVE a man who knows his own mind, isn’t afraid to come up to a female and let her know.

However, there’s a very very distinct line between being confident in your approach and a straight up asshole.

Case in point, what happened when we left the club. My friend is a really really nice girl. She’s doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings…and I don’t know what else to say about her except she’s just really really nice. So this random girl asked her to dance with her guy friend, Gremlin (that’s what I decided to call him). I know what you’re thinking. “Omg, that’s so mean”. The only reason why I call him that is because he seemed like a nice enough guy (shy, shuffled his feet around a bit when his friend introduced him to MY friend) but after he got her alone, he megamorphed into a super freak. I know this because after a few minutes, she grabs my arm and says the magic words “Omg, help me!!!”

Ok. Off we go back to our table and I thought that was that. Nope. We ran into them while waiting for valet to bring my car out. They wanted to go sing and so did we but I didn’t want to go with Gremlin and his friend, TheOrc. There was just something really wrong about Gremlin. TheOrc just seemed too dull to be bothered with. My friend didn’t know how to ignore them so she kept talking to Gremlin. I, on the other hand, have no problems imagining you don’t exist.

We managed to shake them off when my car arrived. Our initial plan was to hit up some ghetto noraebang but we decided against it in favor of AfterHours. We’re walking back to my car and who do we run into but Gremlin and TheOrc. I guess they kind of figured out by this point I am the more hostile one of the two so they were, again, trying to wheedle MissLaLa into eating with them. Once they figured out where we were going, they wanted to come with us. She said she’d have to ask me.

Gremlin : * looking over at me * Who drove? You?
Me : Yeah. That’s why I have the keys in my hand.
Gremlin : Okay, I’m getting in the car with you two girls.
Me : No, you’re not.
Gremlin : What?! Why not?!

Right now, I’m thinking “WTF, little man…you’ve got some balls to be mad at me for not letting you into my car” and I’m starting to get really mad. Annoyed was when I turned my back to him because I didn’t want to talk to him and he put his hands on me to turn me back around. This was just fucking rude.

Me : For starters, I don’t know your name. * I exercised great control in not adding the word “asshole”. I’m working on this “playing well with others” thing. *

Gremlin : Oh, is that it? Okay, fine. My name’s Gremlin. * He extends his hand. Ugh…that means I’m going to have to touch him….but I shake his hand anyway. My mommy taught me manners.*

Me : Hi. I’m Bonnie. No. You’re not getting in my car.

And then I walked away. He sounded pretty mad when he was complaining to my friend but ask me if I care. I don’t.

It would’ve been a completely different story if :

– he wasn’t an asshole
– my friend was interested in either one of them (I can take one for the team)

Moral of the story? Don’t be an asshole and hop into the cars of random girls without asking her permission because that random girl might not take it too well. Did I feel a little bad for being mean? Yeah…I did. Just a little but not enough for me to lose sleep over.

That concludes Bonnie’s First Night Out In 2010. I got home at 5 in the morning after discussing the virtues of both Data and Spock from Star Trek. It was awesome.

6 Responses to “My First Night Out In 2010”
  1. Zontiago says:

    told ya to watch out for ’em Korean boys. :p

    BTW, I wrote a 10-page paper in college about Data. lol

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      I thought you were going to show me instead? 😀

      OH, NO WAY!!! Can I read it? That would be soooo fugging awesome!!!

      • Zontiago says:

        oh i’ll show ya… 😉

        hmmm the paper is probably one some floppy disk in a shoe box in a closet somewhere. we can still discuss over some scotch. 🙂

  2. Miss Bonnified says:

    You better. 😀

    Omg…floppy disks…ahahahahaha!! I remember those…I think mine are lurking somewhere except I’ve no idea where they are. x)

    Oh yes…let’s discuss over scotch! I’m looking forward to geeking out and getting schooled about Data.

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