My Soup Is Angry

Barney the Tapeworm was hungry. I’ve neglected him for too long but don’t worry. He’s tough. I know this because he made me so uncomfortable, I had to go forage for food.

And so I ended up in Ktown. Again. That’s Koreatown for all you who don’t know but I don’t think that’s a whole lot of you guys. I always end up here. I should probably either make myself Governator of this place or buy a condo out here.

On second thought, I’m not sure if the last part would be such a smart idea. I’d get really fat from all the bomb food and I’d probably drink enough soju, bekseju and this Mak Gul Li thing to make it an endangered drink.

Luckily, Osturtle’s always down to eat. For some reason, it was Soup And Mak Gul Li night. I’ve never had this stuff prior to tonight but its reputation preceeds it.

In other words, it’s “Danger, Will Robinson”. I’m down.

So now I’m at this Rainbow Place (read : I’ve no friggin clue where I am) amidst a crowd of rowdy hungry/drunk people. It’s Thursday night/Friday morning. Don’t they have school or work or something in the morning?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why I’m out. Two words.

Self. Scheduling.

It rocks. I’m off tomorrow, thank friggin Heaven, because FunSized and I got our asses handed to us at work today. Omfg.

Anyway, so we got this mak gul li thing (am I even spelling it right?!) and something called Te Gi Kal Bi Kim Chi Jim. Wait, did I even spell that right?! Ugh…why is Korean so hard for me to spell?! Now I’m sad I forgot how to read and write…bt then again, I had no idea wth I was reading writing anyway. * sigh * I should re-learn again.

Anyhow, I think it means pork, kalbi kim chi stew. I think.

All I know is this soup thing is the angriest red I’ve ever seen in food. I didn’t know food could be this color…but it’s so good! Strangely not as fiery as it looks. Appearances are indeed deceiving.

What was most interesting is the liquor. It’s served in this gigantic bowl that’s almost bigger than the soup cauldron thing. Hooooly crap…

It’s sweet, creamy and tastes a lot like nigori sake. I love nigori sake. I think I can hang with this.

But here’s what I’m wondering. How smart is it to mix this potent stew with this lethal drink? I hear it’s sneaky and will totally bust a ninja.fu move on you when you least expect it. I’m thinking I’m gonna end up with mad GI issues tomorrow.

Barney the Tapeworm doesn’t care. He’s busy wrestling with the bits of kim chi, pork and dead cow swimming in a little river of liquor. Awesomeness beyond all that is epic.


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4 Responses to “My Soup Is Angry”
  1. Zontiago says:

    nice nice…

    mak gul li is like the most o.g. korean drink. like farmers drink that. and real old-schoolers. that’s why it comes in a big bowl. sometimes, at a restaurant or store, they say they do not serve alcohol, but they will serve mak gul li. yet they will not sell soju or other newer bottled stuff. you have to go to a liquor store or another market for that. lol. 🙂

  2. Hello Eileen says:

    I love mak gul li ! I’m weaksauce so usually I’ll pour a can of Sprite into it sweeten it up, but it turns out delicious!

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Hello, Eileen!

      I love your name. That’s an excellent song too!

      Oooh…what you just described reminds me of yogurt soju!!! …minus the yogurt…and the soju….

      Uh…hm. Let’s rewind this a bit.

      Your concoction sounds delicious! 😀

  3. Miss Bonnified says:

    Oh no way! I didn’t know that. I was wondering why you tweeted what you did.

    You know what they saaaay! The more you know, the more you grow and knowing is half the battle!!


    I love it when you teach me something I didn’t know. Keep it coming!

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