You Can Call Me

Tweet :: Call Me.

I can’t think of a better song than this one to go with this post.

It’s Friday night. My girlfriends want to go out so it’s on for Girls Night Out. There were 8 of us. To hear Z put it, we were more like a mobile army of girls. Yeah…I can see that especially when you factor in all the crazy crap that happens whenever we go out.

Case in point – this past Friday.

We converged on the club and proceeded to have a great time. I got there a little late so the party had already started by the time I walked in. Bottles of Johnny Black (he was my boyfriend for the night) and Crown Special (he was the guy I couldn’t get rid of. Ugh) were flying around our table. It was good.

The next table, however, was not as happy. They were actually really creepy. They kept hanging over the divider and staring. I heard a lot of whistling and cat calls. If I draped my arm on the back, CreepyOne would grab my hand and rub it.

It made me wonder how they ever passed through Kindergarten because they didn’t learn the basic rules. These are as follows :

1. Keep your hands to yourself.
2. Keep what’s in your pants in your pants.
3. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Someone needs to take him back to school…preferably on a leash of some sort. They backed off once MDM mighty morphed into mother hen and gave them a piece of her mind. I love her.

So now the club’s closed and we decided we want to go sing. Once at the spot, we ran into some friends who had a room so they invited us to join them. Cool….and then the fun started.

We just settled ourselves in and ordered food when I noticed these girls kept peeking in through the window of the room. They didn’t look really happy so now I’m thinking “Psycho…psycho ex-girlfriends” but I wasn’t sure so I kept my mouth shut.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to say anything. The door opens and in teeters the scrawniest girl in what appears to be a sprayed on white dress. I didn’t hear what she said because someone was rocking the mic but I saw her engage in conversation with one of the guys I didn’t know. I saw PsychoExGirlfriend chattering away with one of the other guys outside our room when he stepped out for a moment.

I thought this was pretty weird because I know we didn’t see these girls at the club and I know the guys didn’t know who they were else introductions would’ve been made. I shrugged because who these girls were really is no problem of mine.

At this point, MissQT abruptly stood up with a strange look on her face and said that we’re leaving. Now I’m confused. Why were we leaving? MDM and LawyerGirl didn’t get to eat yet. I didn’t understand why MissQT was so adamant about leaving and why she kept telling the guys “Your other friends are here to play. We don’t want to stay.”

What you need to understand is MissQT is not the jealous type. She doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass who’s there/not there/whatever as long as everyone’s having a good time. This is definitely not normal behavior on her end. That’s what got my attention and I looked at these girls more closely.

Hm……..there’s no way….

Most of the guys took off with us and I find out what the girl in white had said that made my friend look so weird. She had asked the guys “Did you call for us?”

You see, they were call girls. Yup. Like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”.

No wonder they didn’t look too happy to see us there. Then again, none of my friends dress scandalously even when clubbing so I don’t know why they thought we were their business competition.

I didn’t know shit like this goes down! I was totally surprised because I just thought they were clubbers. That’s the thing…nowadays, I can’t differentiate between clubbers and hookers because they all kind of dress alike. I know because my dresses are pretty scandalous. I can’t help it. I have long legs. I think maybe this was those girls looked at me with such hostility.

What was that line from that song back in the day? “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot”? Or that one infamous line of Jessica Rabbit’s? “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”.


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