For A Good Cause. Please Vote For The Center For The Pacific Asian Family

So it’s a new year, a new decade and I’ve found a new cause…this is one that I hold very dear to my heart. Actually, I can’t exactly call it a “new cause” because my vote during Round One helped them receive $25,000 from Chase. That’s right, I helped make that happen with my one vote.

Center For The Pacific Asian Family.

At first, I had no idea what this CPAF thing was but I kept seeing it on Twitter and Facebook during my lunch break. I couldn’t figure out what it was because I was so tired from getting my ass handed back to me in the ICU that day. I kept trying to determine if it was some kind of weird diagnosis that I had forgotten since the Stone Ages of Nursing School since a lot of my friends on Facebook are people I work with.

Coronary Perfusion ….Abnormal….I dunno. I gave up.

I came home and found out via my preferred source of news (Facebook. Haa haa haa, just kidding. Kind of) what CPAF really stands for. I visited their site and was blown away by the kind of work they do.

I totally love this video. Danny Cho is the MAN!!! So funny. Miso in the bento box…ahahahaha!!

You know why I support CPAF? Words really can’t describe what I felt like when I read their mission statement. I also learned about the various forms and faces the Abuse can take and wear. There were times when I felt like they were talking to me. I wished I knew an organization like this existed back then.

I don’t know much about other cultures but growing up Asian, you learn not to talk about certain things. It’s shameful, it’s “bad”, it leaves you (and possibly your family) with no “face”.

So you learn to hide. You learn to develop your own mask to deal with whatever it was that happened. You learn to shake it off and carry on like nothing’s wrong all the while ignoring the crack that grows wider and wider within your very core.

You don’t know who to talk to. You don’t know where to go. You feel all alone, like no one understands you and you start thinking no one ever will. Either that or something else happens…they look at you with pity…as if you’re something they should feel sorry for.

Help and support….it’s out there and it’s name is CPAF.


Aaagggh!! Please don’t eat me!!! I already voted here!! ^_^

Our votes catapulted this amazing organization into the next round of competition.

Round One gave this amazing organization $25,000 to do their work in the community.

Round Two? The winner of Round Two receives $1 million.

You heard me. One. Million. Dollars.

Yeah. What Van Ness Wu said.

Again, like last month when I asked if you could spare just a few seconds to help our brave veterans, I’m humbly asking you for your time again.

This time, if you could please spend just 10 seconds to click here and vote. Those 10 seconds can bring CPAF that much closer towards winning this prize money.

Imagine how much hope you could help bring to a victim with just 10 seconds of your time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Here’s some funny goodness as a bonus. Danny Cho….hilarious…. 😀

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