I Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

I am totally diggin on this song right now. Who knew I’d like mellow-ish sounding songs? I usually gravitate towards darker sounds….but this is nice. I like the lyrics. Omfg…a song with lyrics that doesn’t involve people I don’t give a shit about telling me about their ride or how they’d like to *bleep* all the girls in the world. Jeezus…

So here’s what I’ve noticed so far about Clyde and I. He’s the very responsible one. I’m the one that goes “WHEEEEEE!!!!!” as I run down the hill with arms held straight up over my head and my hair flying behind me. He’s the one chasing after me yelling “Baby!! Aaaaagh!! Baby, be careful!!!” as I run headlong into….whatever.

Yeah. I can totally see that happening. Luckily for me, I can’t run anymore (I used to be a crazy good runner) and he is a running machine. Dude, I totally lucked out. 😀

He’s currently out of town for business. This means I miss him tremendously but it made me realize something. I am grateful for every second of the day I get to spend with him. I don’t care if it’s via text messages or conversations that travel over wireless networks. Time is precious to me and I love spending it with him however I can, wherever I can and whenever I can.

That is also a slight problem because it’s so hard for me to let him go. I have to remind myself not to be selfish (“BAABY!!! TELL ME ANOTHER STORY!!!”) and to remember that even Superman needs sleep.

Sometimes, I just want that extra 5 minutes of magical nap time next to him. He’ll gently wake me up and the first thing I do is plead “Baby, 5 more minutes? Please please please? Yes?” and he always says yes. SCOOOOREEE!!!! I win! I win!

When he’s away from me, he’s still watching out for me. It is friggin’ raining so hard I’m seriously contemplating building a raft…or ark….or something that’ll float. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be the one to build it since I somehow assembled my sister’s bookcase upside down. She reminds me about this whenever the topic of me building things come up. I then helpfully point out that :

– she can’t do it so that’s why I, as the big sister, had to step in and figure out what the hell an Allen wrench was. Is it just or me or does Ikea always give you the smallest, weeniest ones ever?! Seriously. WTF am I supposed to be screwing with something smaller than my pinky?! ….wow, that just came out totally wrong. Whatever.

– the bookshelf I built holds her books AND it’s one of a kind. I tell her to think of it as functional art. 😀

So back to the rain. It is raining like crazy and Clyde knows people in SoCal can’t drive in the rain for beans. He’s been texting me and reminding me every night before we say good night to please be careful.

Aaaww….he makes me feel warm and fuzzy and funny inside. Haa haa haa!

2 Responses to “I Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”
  1. Lance says:

    “baby” and “please” are hard to refuse if done right. especially if it’s done with big eyes, hands clasps, a little bit of vertical bounciness.

    it also works with sad puppy eyes.

    The former elicits a grin and with think you’re adorable. The latter also makes us think you’re adorable but guilts us into it … which will guilt us into it.

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