Conan Cracks Me Up

I like Conan. I really do. I have no idea wtf happened during that crazy week when everyone of you people on my twitter and Facebook were all TEAM CONAN. That was a week when my life was too crazy so I had little time to pay attention to other stuff….like….outside a 15 foot radius of my immediate physical presence.

So I understand Conan’s being pulled? Why? He’s so funny!!! So sad….I like him better than Jay who I like better than Dave “Mr. Worldwide Pants” Letterman.

Anyways…I hope Conan gets another show somewhere. I really like Triumph the Dog. I also like Conan. He’s crazy. Maybe that’s why I think he’s so funny….hm…..

Jacked this clip from FreshLA’s FB and damn….what an excellent way to show NBC how you really feel, Conan. Vengeance is best served hot, fast and with style.

2 Responses to “Conan Cracks Me Up”
  1. MM says:

    -NBC gave Leno a new show in a new timeslot.
    -Leno gives Conan his old show.
    -Leno now wants his old show back after Conan moved his family and entire crew to LA from NY.
    -Conan now has no job. Oh boo hoo.
    -Conan is now being bought out for $45 million and will probably land a new job with Fox in the fall for more money.
    -Win win for all, Conan and crew gets paid to go on vacation.

    The Losers? The idiots who are following this and are picking sides. If only they were as active about real politics and social issues as they are about celebs crying over their failed multi-million dollar contracts.

  2. MM says:

    Oh ya, Triumph the Dog was at SDCC in 07. I got to meet “him.”

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