My Boyfriend Is Awesomeness

I’m rock at a bunch of things. Examples include (but are not limited to) :

– eating
– sleeping
– laughing like a hyena
– acting like someone half my age
– daydreaming

I’m good at some other things. These include (but are not limited to) :

– cooking
– not burning down my kitchen while cooking * knock on wood * – acting my age

I’m not so good at :

– knowing when someone is being Ninja Dater
– end of list. Haa haa haa

I suck at :

– packing. Aaagghh!!!! Packing is the ultimate spiny sea urchin on the ass of my existence right now. Ugh.

– assembling furniture. Don’t get me wrong. I can put stuff together. I just can’t promise anyone that whatever it is I’m building will stand and/or look like it’s supposed to. This includes myself because no matter how hard I try to fool myself into thinking I have mad epic carpentry skills, I can’t quite seem to believe myself.

– lifting heavy stuff.

– lifting stuff in general.

I’m a delicate Asian lotus blossom. Haa haa haa!!

Thank HEAVENS Clyde’s packing some muscles. He helped me move all the boxes from the garage and helped me move a bunch of stuff into my new apartment.

He even bought me dinner at Bon Chon! We ate like cavemen. Barney the Tapeworm was so happy.

Am I lucky or WHAT?! Jeezus…remember that song “Whatta Man”? Yup, that’s what I have.


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