Side Of Heart Burn With A Helping Of Heart Attack, Anyone?

From, the above monstrosity is described as : Meta Meat Cake Four types of sausage, bratwurst, chorizo, ground beef, ground pork, diced ham, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, hickory smoked bacon, hot cappy, queso blanco, provolone and sharp cheddar, wrapped in sausage, bacon and cheese ball dough and baked. Then decorated with American, cheddar squeeze cheese … Continue reading

Disneyland + Comic Con = OMFG

So I see this via MissCG’s Twitter. Could Comic-Con Move To Anaheim? Yup. PRESS. Dude, weird how that one little world opens so many doors. Just like magic! Hm….wow….that would be interesting. Anaheim’s already pretty used to people dressing up in costumes all day long singing stuff like “A WHOOOOLE NEEEWWWW WOOOORRRLLLLD” so what’s a … Continue reading

Adventures In Finding The Emergency Room

So I ended up going to the ER. Wow, who knew so many of you guys are awake during those hours? I, in my infinite wisdom as the Supreme Commander and Ultimate Destroyer, decided to put on FB/Twitter blast that I was thinking about going to the ER but with the slight problem of not … Continue reading

If I Can’t Sleep, Neither Is My Laptop

12:21 a.m. It’s been almost 20 minutes since my last entry. I am now convinced there’s a herd of elephants who live upstairs. I am also very sure they are all wrestling right now. At least, that’s what it sounds like down here. Holy crap… Here’s another weird observation. Why the hell does my insomnia … Continue reading

GI Joe Never Said What The Other Half Was

Riddle me this, Batman. Maybe I am in a crappy mood because it’s almost midnight, I’m tired, my neighbors have all decided to collectively smoke some crack because they’re busy nailing stuff into the walls as they blast their TVs on at full volume . Meanwhile, the one upstairs is clomping around in wooden clogs … Continue reading

Never Thought I’d Say This

Clyde and I had a date night on Saturday. This means we actually had something planned besides him coming over and spending time with me. We usually end up watching a bunch of random movies and going to try new places that Yelp app on his iPhone suggests. Dammit, why can’t the BlackBerry have cool … Continue reading

M. Night Shyamalan and The Last Airbender

* courtesy of * I watched the full trailer at YouBentMyWookie. To be honest, I liked what I see because it has potential. I think Ba Gua is a lovely form (I’d love to learn and practice it) and I like the general storyline. I still want to see this movie when it comes … Continue reading

Jamba Juice Freaks! Listen Up!

I’m at the Jamba Juice in Ktown and what do I spy with my gorgeous eyes? CITY OF LOS ANGELES EMPLOYEES! “NEIGHBORS OF THE MONTH” Simply show your employee badge or a business card and receive your discount card. (Effective Feb. 1st, 2010) I got a 16 oz Pomegranate Paradise with extra boosts and a … Continue reading

Not Very Valentine-y But Whatever

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with hearts, flowers, balloons and enough chocolate to give the whole world a sugar high. Me? I started thinking about leeches. I don’t know why. So working where I do means I see a bunch of stuff on a daily basis that most people would only see in the movies. … Continue reading

Super Bowl Sunday Was Super Awesomeness

It should be no surprise that I had an awesome Sunday watching the game with Clyde. It was so much fun! The quick and dirty version of my Legally Blond moments can be found here You know what makes me super sad? You’d think I’d be better at knowing what the hell’s going on in … Continue reading