The Joys Of Cleaning

So I just moved in to the new apartment in Ktown. That’s right. I’m in Ktown. That’s both good and bad.

The Good

– I drive against traffic going to work at the ass crack of dawn.

– the supermarkets are open past midnight. Did I mention they have delicious ready made stuff?! Heeeell yeeeaaa!!!

– I’m central to all the lounges/clubs/bars

The Bad

– I’m central to all the lounges/clubs/bars.

– it is now that much more impossible to hole myself up in my apartment

– a bunch of my friends live within a few blocks of me in Ktown also. Oh God…

The Ugly

– why do I get the feeling my apartment’s gonna turn into some kind of party pad or the We Need A Place To Crash pad?


So back to my original point. I got a fridge yesterday. My aunt’s friend had an extra one so I gratefully accepted. What I didn’t know was :

– how loud this thing is. I swear it has bronchitis or some fridge variant of respiratory issues.


Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to have a functional fridge and beggars can’t be choosy.

But let me explain what I found. There’s weird spots in it and the crisping drawers had caked on DIRT and LEAVES and RANDOM TWIGS!!!

I know I’m part Chinese and we use a bunch of that stuff in ancient super secret Chinese medicine but really?!?!

Holy shit….

Thankfully I am not one to walk away from a challenge. I donned my battle gear (David and Goliath’s Stupid Factory designs. A Miso Hot tank and sushi print booty shorts), pulled on my +5 Gauntlets of Massive It’s-Gonna-Hurt-So-Good Destruction (Rubbermaid housecleaning gloves in Supersonic Retina Searing yellow) and got down to it.

I Ajax’d the bejeezus out of the drawers, Clorox wiped the crap out of everywhere else and am polishing it all off with one more round of clorox wipies. Damn, these things ROCK!!! I got the biodegradable ones. 😀

Eminem cleans out his closets. I get down and dirty with my fridge and emerge VIC-TOOOOOR-IOUUUUS!!!

So awesome.


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