What’s My Name, What’s My Name

I’m a sucker for quizzes, memes and all that stuff. It’s my touch of narcissism coming out to play.

So the one I found interesting today is the Urban Dictionary one.

Here’s the rules for CrackBook…I mean, Facebook :

Go to urbandictionary.com, type in your first name. Copy and paste this as your status and the first entry for your name under comments.

I typed in my name (“Bonnie”) and just like magic, I get a bunch of results. These are the ones that made me haa-haa-haa.

Means “pretty” from the Scottish word bonnie, which was itself derived from Middle French bon “good”. Is a way to describe a fair, good and beautiful girl.

You know what this reminded me of? I started thinking of Anjelah Johnson’s skit about the nail salon. More specifically, it was the “you so pritty” part that popped into my head.

She’s so funny!


A wife, serious girlfriend, or female family member of someone who’s in the mafia. This slang was widely adopted from the first highly famous Bonnie, wife of Clyde.

A straight up ride or die girl who keeps it real and doesnt give a fuck; the essential dream girl.

I’m not a wife but I am Clyde’s lady. That works for me. 😀

How’d they get all this from just my first name? Amazing.

They also rock in the sack. Bonnie and Clyde (you’ll notice no one ever says ‘Clyde and Bonnie’)

AAH HAA HAA HAA!! Omg…I’m willing to bet Daddy’d probably rethink giving me this name if he saw this part.

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