M. Night Shyamalan and The Last Airbender

* courtesy of collider.com *

I watched the full trailer at YouBentMyWookie.

To be honest, I liked what I see because it has potential. I think Ba Gua is a lovely form (I’d love to learn and practice it) and I like the general storyline. I still want to see this movie when it comes out despite all the controversy that surrounded it last year. Oooh, boy….

What I don’t like is how it’s shaping up to be an interpretation of the original series. Really?! Star Wars is one of your favorite movies, Mr. Shyamalan? Wow….that makes you one of out like…a gazillion others just like you. Real original.

Here’s an idea. Why not just STICK with the original story instead of taking something and bastardizing it? Yes, as you can tell, I never got over my rage over what they did to the X-Men franchise when they slapped it on the silver screen. Ugh.

I hope for his sake that it lives up to the hype because M. Night’s been pretty friggin’ disappointing in all his movies besides “The Sixth Sense”.

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