Disneyland + Comic Con = OMFG

So I see this via MissCG’s Twitter.

Could Comic-Con Move To Anaheim?

Yup. PRESS. Dude, weird how that one little world opens so many doors.
Just like magic!

Hm….wow….that would be interesting. Anaheim’s already pretty used to people dressing up in costumes all day long singing stuff like “A WHOOOOLE NEEEWWWW WOOOORRRLLLLD” so what’s a few more people dressed up but in Storm Trooper gear or random anime like girls? I’m sure they’d fit right in in either Future Land or It’s A Small World.

Day One at my first ever Comic Con. It was stupendous.
My world was rocked. I had a massive headache.
That skirt is impossible to sit down in.

I went to Comic-Con last year a con-virgin and had my mind blown. I’ve never been so tired but I think it was because I was either dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl running like a maniac between press room to press room interviewing Tim Burton to the cast of Fringe / The Big Bang Theory / Joss Whedon. That was hard. So was dressing up as a more modest geisha in a full on summer yukata.

Dude. I’m totally down for Comic Con to move to Anaheim. I don’t know about Las Vegas though….I’m not sure how much fun that would be. Can you imagine Yoda hung over and drunk in the corner somewhere? Or seeing a Storm Trooper crash into some crazy display of the next insane movie coming out?

OooOOoh…what a big gun you got there, mister.

I don’t know about Vegas. That sounds like a disaster in the making. I know because I’ve been to Vegas for some nursing conventions before and let me tell you….it was not a pretty sight. I barely made it to anything and even when I was there, I wasn’t exactly there there.

As for Los Angeles putting in a bid….I don’t see it unless you’re somewhere close by Universal Studios or something….but even then, I still don’t think it’s as much fun as Disneyland. Seriously. Universal Studios versus friggin’ DISNEYLAND?! No way. There’s no competition between the two. Well, not to me at least.

Having drinks with Ray Park/Darth Maul after Comic Con closed for the night.
I think this was my 4th scotch and his…I dunno. We got hammered. Hilarious good time.
He’s so funny! I had a great time hanging out with him those two nights.
I even learned a thing or two about the peace sign and Spotted Dick.
The dish, you freaks. You know. That thing they eat in England.

My vote’s for Anaheim. Think of all the fun to be had AFTER the Con is closed for the day?! Dude, you’re right next to the Happiest Place On Earth!!!

What’s not to like?!

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