Weird Highlight Of My Day

So I was in the PALS class like I mentioned earlier and it was depressing as hell. You see footage of kids in severe distress and you have to wonder why people aren’t doing anything about it besides obtaining footage. To say it’s disturbing is to put it mildly. BUUUUUT then came the fun part … Continue reading

Conan O’Brien Is A Sexy Beast and AppleGirl Is Like Whoa.

Today did not start off fantastic. I had to sit through an 8 hour class for PALS. That’s short for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. In other words, I’m there to be recertify my epic skills in bringing babies and kids back from the brink of death and out of Death’s clammy grip. Happy stuff. Then … Continue reading

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

It’s Saturday night. I live next to a bunch of bars, lounges and clubs. So what am I doing on my ONE NIGHT OFF in an 8 day stretch? I’m lounging on my super comfy couch in my pajamas eating roasted sweet potatoes (best stuff E-V-A-R!!!!! Loved these since I was a toddler in Taiwan) … Continue reading

My Marathon Experience

Clyde is running the marathon. I am so proud of him. I had no idea how much dedication, pain and mental control it takes to just train for this. Prior to Clyde, I just figured you could stretch, walk, run and shake it out if you got tired. Man, was I wrong. I had forgotten … Continue reading

Kollaboration 10

Clyde and I went last night to Kollaboration 10. I love this show!! It’s simply amazing to see what a bunch of Asians can do if you just give us a venue to showcase all our talents. Jason Yang did some things to a violin I never knew you could do. That ish was mind … Continue reading

Permission Granted

It’s my day off and I find on Dr.Pierce’s FB feed the following link that says STARING AT BOOBIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU if you’re a man. No, these aren’t my boobs. Mine are not factory installed cuz I got it from my mama. w00t! If yours are, hey! I don’t judge. I’m actually kinda … Continue reading

My Neighbors Are A Lovely Bunch Of CocoNUTS

* All2Swift, this post is for you since you appear to live for my E.T.-phone-blog posts. 😀 * * sadly, the Blackberry didn’t feel like delivering this one. * I’ve been living in Ktown for a short while and I’ve come to the following conclusions – my neighbors are beyond strange. Stomp To My Beat … Continue reading

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

The first half of this video kind of reminds me of Tupac’s “I Get Around”. Does no one else think so? I have to say, I like Tupac’s video much better. Anyway, this post is titled “You can teach an old dog new tricks” because I’m contradicting the popular saying. In this case, the “old … Continue reading

If You Please

Everyone has their favorite songs to rock out to when going karaoke. Bonus points if you’re fueled by a few….refreshments. My favorite song has always been “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N Roses. No song can ever top that for me. In case you were stuck under some Godforsaken rock, allow me to share … Continue reading