Kollaboration 10

Clyde and I went last night to Kollaboration 10. I love this show!! It’s simply amazing to see what a bunch of Asians can do if you just give us a venue to showcase all our talents.

Jason Yang did some things to a violin I never knew you could do. That ish was mind blowing. Good God… I was amazed.

Another competitor I really liked watching was Bhangra Empire. Hoooly sh!t….that was crazy. They mixed hip hop, rap and traditional songs into the baddest mix I’ve ever heard. Dude, they were high kicking to Tupac’s “California Love”. FTW!!!! Holy crap, I got tired watching them dance but it looked like a lot of fun. I loved the women’s costumes. Very pretty and colorful. I’m a glitter whore.

ANBU Black Ops killed it with their performance. I nearly peed my pants when I heard the theme song for Mortal Kombat. Call me retarded but I still love that song. FIGHT!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love to hear people sing (hence my obsession with karaoke and screeching in my car / shower) but what I really love is watching people dance. So. F*cking. Hawt. This is probably why one of my favorite movies to watch is Take The Lead.

But my favorite? Sam Hart’s “Mario Kart Love Song”. It. Is. The. Sweetest. Song. E-V-A-R!!! And he lets his geek flag fly high!!! * wipes tear * So in love….now to find a way to wheedle Clyde to sing this to me. Haa haa haa!!!

So this year is Paul’s last year. I’m kind of sad because I don’t know what Kollaboration is going to be like without seeing him on stage telling funny jokes or seeing the most random YouTube clips of him promoting the event.

All I know is whoever comes on board next has some pretty big shoes to fill.


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