My Marathon Experience

Clyde is running the marathon. I am so proud of him. I had no idea how much dedication, pain and mental control it takes to just train for this. Prior to Clyde, I just figured you could stretch, walk, run and shake it out if you got tired.

Man, was I wrong.

I had forgotten how it felt to run long distances. I used to do cross training in high school and what’s weird is that I remember I liked it.

Don’t get me wrong. I hated it in the beginning. I limped a 18 minute mile at the beginning. I sucked.

I hated running on campus, I abhorred stair work but I especially detested running through the hills behind my high school in Honolulu.

But the weirdest thing happened. I stopped being dead last every day. I started running towards the front and then I was the front runner. I started noticing the flowers and trees and loving every breeze that cooled my over-heated ass off.

There’s a huge difference between running laps, running on a treadmill and running outside. I prefer running in Honolulu. I actually miss it a little…isn’t that crazy?

I really loved my kick ass mile time by the end of the semester.

Now? I can run 0.2 miles and flop over dead. 😀

Ta da!!!

Clyde, on the other hand, is nuts. He’s been running for months. He tells me about socks, shoes, run shirts, this GU glop thingy and how his toenails fell off.

I smile nod and try to focus on something besides his muscles. ^^

So this is what I’ve done during the whole marathon experience so far :

– I tried not to molest Clyde when I know he’s run a gazillion miles like a crazy hamster. Key word is “tried”. Aah haa haa haa!!!

– I sat down for hours to make an mp3 CD of music I thought might help keep him going as he runs. These were songs that I listened to when I used to work out like a fiend. There’s everything on there from Danzig to Ice Cube, LL Cool J to Jinusean and PVD.

– I dutifully ate Bon Chon mutant fried chicken with him after he’s burned over 3,000 calories running and I’ve burned 100 watching TV all day. Btw, yes, that comma was intentional. He can burn over 3,000 calories when he runs over 14 miles. Wtf…I can run down the hall of the ICU when I hear the dreaded words “CODE BLUE!!! GIMME THE CRASH CART!!!” but that’s about it.

– I carbo-loaded with him yesterday for dinner. I’m not much of a pasta person unless we’re talking Angelo Pietro’s in Honolulu. He’s gonna burn most likely 4000 calories doing this marathon. I’m still trying to burn off the Bon Chon chicken.

– he woke up at 3:30 am to get ready for the marathon. I woke up when he kissed me before heading out, wished him luck, promised I’ll be at the end of the race and promptly fell back asleep.

– he’s running the marathon somewhere. I woke up, stretched, opened my black out curtains at the Viceroy (cute little boutique hotel) and stared at the fog rolling in under the overcast sky.

– he’s probably really hot running right now. I was freezing my ass off shivering on the Juliet balconey snapping a photo of the fog. Jeezus, I could see my breath! Wtf?!

– he’s running the marathon and eating GU for energy. I’m watching it on KTLA sipping coffee.


I’m supportive!
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2 Responses to “My Marathon Experience”
  1. lily says:

    you guys stayed at a hotel for him to run in the la marathon? don’t you like live in la?! haha

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      I do live in LA but I’m so glad we did that! He was soooo friggin sore right after. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like if we didn’t stay there. It definitely made everything easier. 😀

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