Conan O’Brien Is A Sexy Beast and AppleGirl Is Like Whoa.

Today did not start off fantastic. I had to sit through an 8 hour class for PALS. That’s short for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. In other words, I’m there to be recertify my epic skills in bringing babies and kids back from the brink of death and out of Death’s clammy grip.

Happy stuff.

Then I walk back into the ICU only to have to hunt down a body bag. Again. Not the most epic of all days. It was pretty sad. 😦

But guess what made me not just haa-haa-haa but HAA-HAA-OMFG-HAA till phat tears were rolling down my face?

Check out the following video and share in my belly busting moment. God, I love Conan. He’s like this giant Irish ball of crazy bullfrog.

On to this AppleGirl. Clyde brought her to my attention. I’m pretty transfixed and astounded by what you can accomplish with a bunch of phones. Who knew you can recreate all these pop songs with an iPhone?! Certainly not I and that brings me to my next questions.

How the hell did she discover this?
When did she uncover this hidden latent talent of hers?
How much time does she have on her hands?


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