A Day Of Beauty With Plastic Surgeons

For all you people who want to do Botox, Juvederm and Latisse but don’t want to pay the crazy price, here’s a deal for you. It’s called "A Day Of Beauty" and it’s an event put on by the doctors of USC. To be more specific, the USC Plastic Surgeons. Curious? Want to know more? … Continue reading

What Not To Do At A Wedding

Spring is in the air and for someone my age, that means a few things. 1. My friends are popping out babies like popcorn. 2. People I know are getting married so that they can start popping out babies like popcorn. 3. People my friends know are getting married so that they can start popping … Continue reading

Dinner Is Never Boring + MissBonnified On TV?

I haven’t seen a few friends since we all more or less found ourselves in a relationship. Thank God for our local watering hole because I’m always more or less guaranteed to run into a few of them at my version of Cheers. Mr.Naughtiness was there and I’ve missed him. So was Mr.Wonder. God, I … Continue reading

Things You Can’t Leave Laying Around Me

If you leave these things anywhere near me, I can’t guarantee they’ll be uneaten when you get back. I’m serious. 1. Ruffles Sour Cream And Cheddar chips You know how their tagline is “Rrrrruffles Have Ridges”? I propose they change that to “Rrrrrruffles have crack”. I managed to resist eating them the entire weekend. I … Continue reading