Suited Up And Ready To Go. Sort Of.

Went to Pilates today and told Tomono that I’m doing a half marathon. She’s super excited for me and decides this means she’s going to crank up the amount of pain I get to be in. I did things on Big Scary Thing, Small Scary Thing and Mini Scary Thing that I didn’t know you … Continue reading

Blame It On The Rain

Remember that old song by Milli Vanilli? "Blame It On The Rain"? That should be Lindsay Lohan’s theme song especially this part : You can blame it on the rain Cos the rain don’t mind And the rain don’t care You got to blame it on something (Blame it on the rain) (Blame it on … Continue reading

Soon To Be Virgin No More

I’ve never done a marathon before in my life…that is, unless you count hours spent sprawled on my couch watching "Lost", "True Blood", "Glee", "Hellsing", "Claymore" or other anime / Asian Dramas. Those are like marathons too….except the most physically taxing things I did during those hours include lifting the remote and speed dialing Pizza … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home (Official Music Video) – Watch more top selected videos about: Mötley_Crüe This is what I wanted to scream out on the top of my lungs when I touched down in LAX yesterday. HOME SWEET HOOOOOMMMEEEE!!!! God, I loved this song back in the day. Yes, I liked Motley Crue. … Continue reading

Airports Are The Modern Purgatory

So I’m at LAX going to a super secret destination and I realized something. People do not know how to travel for beans. I used to travel at least once a month (sometimes two or three times a month) and I used to feel like I lived at the airports. My mileage program went from … Continue reading

Guilty Daytime TV Pleasures

I like watching Divorce Court. I have no idea why. It’s probably because I can’t believe people like them can get married but gay people can’t. Which comedian was the one who said gay people shouldn’t be denied the same opportunity to be miserable and married like the straight people? x) One episode featured a … Continue reading

Hurts So Good

I got my ass kicked in Pilates today and that got me thinking about some things. Is it just me or does it seem like Pilates has a toe in the realm of S&M? Think about it. There’s all these weird contraptions with pulleys, various handles, grips and chains. They’re also given interesting names like … Continue reading

Disneyland Fun

Clyde and I decided to go to Disneyland yesterday. Actually, we were supposed to go to Catalina but opted to make it an overnight thing because the ferry times suck on a weekday. We weren’t about to stay home and waste a perfectly AWESOME day so what better way to spend it than at the … Continue reading